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MSc Space Science and Technology

Why do an MSc in Space Science and Technology? 

Why study Space in Ireland? 

Why study Space at UCD? 

  • Learn from the team building Ireland's first satellite, (opens in a new window)EIRSAT-1
  • UCD has many active researchers in space-related areas, including dynamic control systems, novel materials, astrophysics and space instrumentation
  • We leverage our industry and research networks to deliver unique topical workshops and seminars
  • UCD staff and guest lecturers who teach on the programme are renowned experts in their disciplines
  • Unique laboratories, including detectors, CubeSats, space instrumentation and mission design
  • UCD's Centre for Space Research (C-Space) is Ireland’s leading centre for interdisciplinary collaborative space-related research, innovation and education.

What are the MSc programme highlights?

  • Curriculum can be tailored according to your interests through optional modules
  • Unique access to senior industry figures in workshop sessions 
  • Design and launch a small satellite to fly on a weather balloon
  • Collaborate on international teams to design a large space mission
  • Unique internship opportunities to develop your career profile and professional skills

What will I learn? 

You will learn about the hazards for spacecraft operating in space, but also how space is critical to modern living including applications from Astronomy to Earth Observation, from Telecommuncations to Satellite Navigation. You will design a space mission; build, test and document an experiment, following a standard space industry project life-cycle approach, and network with industry professionals. You will also be supported in organising your internship in the summer trimester.

How will I benefit? 

You will enhance your CV with 'space expertise', which is much sought-after by employers in the sector. Modules are taught by a combination of experienced academic staff and senior industry practitioners to provide students with knowledge and skills which are highly relevant to recruitment needs.  

``Réaltra Space Systems Engineering has hosted students on the internship programme from the MSc in Space Science and Technology at UCD over the last few years and highly values the quality  and relevance of the skills that these students bring with them and have found the MSc students are both passionate and enthusiastic contributors to our wide range of space projects in Réaltra.’’

Danny Gleeson, Chief Commercial Officer, (opens in a new window)Réaltra Space Systems Engineering

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