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Covid-19 Consultative Committee and University Medical Sub Group

Information reviewed and updated on 30th August 2022

Covid 19 Consultative Committee

This is a UCD Consultative Committee with the following terms of reference:

  • To fulfil the requirements for worker consultation in respect of Covid 19 workplace health and safety matters as set down in the Government’s Return To Work Safety Protocol
  • To receive and consider feedback in respect of Covid 19 workplace health and safety matters from the Lead Worker Representatives, Trade Union Representatives and University employees.
  • To support the implementation of the Government’s Return To Work Safety Protocol in UCD.
  • To consider Covid 19 workplace health and safety matters arising from the work of other UCD Committees in the context of the Government’s Return To Work Safety Protocol.


The Covid 19 Consultative Committee acts as a forum for Lead Worker Representatives, Trade Union Representatives and others to consider matters related to Covid 19 health and safety and make recommendations to the UMT Covid 19 subgroup, other subgroups and to local management. The outputs of the committee are fed to the various subgroups across the University as necessary and ultimately to the UMT via the UMT Covid 19 Subgroup.

Ideally issues relating to workplace health and safety and Covid 19 should be resolved at a local level. However if you wish to raise issues in relation to Covid 19 and workplace health and safety you can do so via your designated Covid 19 Lead Worker Representative or via a Trade Union Representative. Details on membership of the Covid 19 Consultative Committee including the names of Covid 19 Lead Worker Representatives and the minutes of committee meetings can be found here.

 Local Covid 19 Coordinators

Managers can appoint a Local Covid 19 Coordinator, in particular if they manage a complex or work intensive area with multiple Work Pods. Research Facilities and Institutes and Schools and Units with a high level of group activity or requiring task specific risk assessment are strongly encouraged to appoint such a person. Local Coordinators can assist and inform Lead Worker Representatives as they carry out their duties. 

 Covid 19 Lead Worker Representatives

Each UMT member has appointed a Covid 19 Lead Worker Representative for their area of responsibility as required by the Governments Work Safely Protocol. The role of these Lead Worker Representative is to ensure ‘…that COVID-19 measures are strictly adhered to in their place of work’ and working  ‘….collaboratively with the employer to assist in the implementation of measures and monitor adherence to the measures to prevent the spread of COVID -19.’ Covid 19 Lead Worker Representatives may be assisted in their work by Local Covid 19 Coordinators


Covid 19 Public Health / Medical Subgroup 

In early 2020 the University established a Covid 19 Public Health / Medical Subgroup to advise the University Management Team, its Covid 19 Subgroup and the SIRC Office on matters pertaining to the interpretation and application of HSE and other national public health guidance in respect of Covid 19 and to develop guidance for wider university operations in the context of Covid 19 public health and risk management. Minutes of the groups meetings can be found here.

Contact UCD SIRC Office

University SIRC Office, Roebuck Castle, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.
T: +353 1 716 8771 | E: sirc@ucd.ie