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Workstation Assessments and Eye Tests

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Workstation Ergonomics and Visual Display Units (VDU's)

(opens in a new window)The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007, Chapter 5 of Part 2: Display Screen Equipment outlines the requirements for employees who habitually use Visual Display Units (VDU's) as a significant part of their normal day. Included in these regulations are details of the requirements for VDU's; completing Workstation or Ergonomic Assessments and the provision of eye and eyesight tests.

The University SIRC Office can carry out an ergonomic workstation assessment or workstation review. To arrange this please email the UCD SIRC office at (opens in a new window)sirc@ucd.ie

A VDU refers to the computer screen while a workstation encompasses the VDU as well as a chair, desk and work environment.

The setup of a workstation can be assessed to ensure it meets with the requirements under these regulations and will identify any possible risk factors that may give rise to visual or physical difficulties.

The use of laptops are not covered by these regulations. When using laptops for extended periods of time, it is recommended to use a separate keyboard, mouse and monitor.

Eye and Eyesight Tests for Visual Display Unit (VDU) Users

The University SIRC Office offers eye and eyesight tests for University staff who use a display screen for more than one hour continuously during their normal working day. There are two options open to qualifying staff to avail of this scheme. These are:

  1. You may attend your own optician and forward the receipt along with a signed Staff Expenses Claim Form to the University SIRC Office. The cost of the eye and eyesight test plus a contribution towards VDU glasses up to a maximum amount will be reimbursed. For current contribution rates please contact (opens in a new window)sirc@ucd.ie.
  2. A voucher for a chain of high street opticians can be requested from the University SIRC Office. The voucher covers the full cost of an eye test with a contribution towards VDU glasses if these are necessary. 

Under normal circumstances only one claim per 24 month period will be processed.

Workstation Setup Guidelines

Guidance on setting up your workstation is given below:

  • Arms relaxed and by your side
  • Balanced head not leaning forward
  • Screen approximately at arms length from you
  • Top of screen about eye level
  • Sit back in chair ensuring good back support
  • Forearms parallel to desk
  • Feet flat on floor or on a footrest
  • Space behind knee

The University SIRC Office can carry out an ergonomic assessment of your workstation. To arrange this please email the UCD SIRC office at (opens in a new window)sirc@ucd.ie

Contact UCD SIRC Office

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