Contractor Management: Insurance

When brining contractors of any description onto a university site you must ensure that they are adequately insured and that they work in accordance with all relevant health and safety requirements. 

All contractors should carry adequate insurances. At a minimum they will require Public Liability Insurance of €6.5m and Employers Liability insurance of €13m. Any deviation from this must be approved by the UCD SIRC Office. Additional insurances may be required depending on the work being undertaken on your behalf, e.g. professional indemnity insurance, contractors all risk, etc. The UCD SIRC Office can advise on these requirements. 

You must also ensure that contractors carrying out work on your behalf do so in accordance with best health and safety practice. You should ask to see a copy of your contractors Safety Statement. This is the statutory document that all employers must have that outlines how they will ensure that their operations are carried out in a safe manner. For complex works you should also ask to see a method statement, which is a written outline of how the work is to be carried out safely. Further advice on these documents can be obtained from

See Contractor Management for further details regarding contractor requirements.