Notifying Travel and Property Claims

Claim on Travel Policy

In cases of serious medical emergency when abroad staff and postgraduates should make contact the emergency number that is provided with the insurance summary documents and provide these details to the treating hospital also. If possible they should also notify as much detail as possible to the UCD SIRC Office at

Claims for costs incurred for medical treatment; delayed or cancelled flights and lost or stolen items can be made upon returning to Ireland. Claim forms are available from Completed forms must be submitted to the UCD SIRC Office with the relevant documentation attached i.e. original flight details, conference details, airline records, receipts for incurred costs, policy report for lost of stolen item, etc.

In the event that a trip must be cancelled in advance, due to illness or bereavement, please contact the UCD SIRC Office at for assistance.

Claim on Property Policy

Please contact the UCD SIRC Office at for further assistance.