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PhD Alumni

PhD awarded to Title and year of Doctoral Thesis Supervisor

Dr Kardo Bokani

 Social Communication and Kurdish Political Mobilisation in Turkey (2016)

Dr Tobias Theiler

Dr David  Martin Hallinan

The European Union & Northeast Asia: EU Bilateral Trade & In vestment Agreements with China, Japan and South Korea (2016)

Assoc Professor Samuel Brazys 

Dr Deirdre Tinney

Ties that Bind Policy Framing, Path Dependance, and Family Law in the European Union (2016)

Dr James Cross 

Dr Jessica Doyle

Civil Society Organisations, the State and Democray: The case of Turkey (2015)

Dr Vincent Durac 

Dr Jodi Zaffino

American Presidential Intervention in Ethnic Conflict: Strategically, Domestically or Humanitarian Driven? (2015)

or Jennifer Todd 

Dr Kevin Coffey

Why States Commit to International Criminal Justice: Support for the International Criminal Court in Sub-Saharan Africa (2015)

Dr Johan Elkink 

Dr Claudia Saba

A Social Movement Analysis of the Palestinian Liberation Movement since the Second Intifada (2014)

Dr Vincent Durac

Dr Chun Zhang

The Political Economy of China's Financial Service Liberalization in the Context of WTO Negotiations (2014)

Professor Niamh Hardiman 

Dr Thitiwut Boonyawongwiwat

Fighting with drugs, Fighting for the nation: the anti-ethno -narcotic politics of Shan people on the Thai-Burmese border (2014)

Professor Jennifer Todd 

Dr Erin Baumann

Between Politics & a Hard Place: influences, institutions, and foreign policies in post-Soviet Eastern Europe (2014)

Dr Derek Hutcheson 

Dr Jennifer Jackson

The Origins and Evolutions of Social and Symbolic Boundaries : Youth Perspectives and Boundary Work in Contemporary Northern Ireland and Quebec (2014)

Professor Jennifer Todd 

Dr Pascal Pragnëre

National identities in conflict and peace process. A comparative analysis of Northern Ireland and the Basque Country 1968-2011 (2013)

Professor Jennifer Todd 

Dr Niall Morris

The Political Economy of Aid Donation (2013)

Professor Patrick Walsh 

Dr Susan Mc Dermott

Fine Gael and the Development of Northern Ireland Policy, 1969 - 2011 (2013)

Professor John Coakley 

Dr Thomas Murray

The Politics of Economic Rights in Ireland: 1922-2008 (2013)

Dr Ian Finlay 

Dr Aoibhin De Burca

Explaining violence against civilians in ethno-nationalist conflicts: The cases of Northern Ireland and Israel/ Palestine (2012)

Dr Vincent Durac

Dr Melanie Hoewer

Crossing Borders. Gender and Identity in Peace and Conflict Processes (2012)

Professor Jennifer Todd 

Dr Susan Murphy

The problem of duty assistance: The promise of a deontological approach (2013)

Assoc Professor Iseult Honohan 

Dr Stephen Quinlan

The Conundrum of Youth Turnout: A cross-national examination of generational processes (2012)

Professor Richard Sinnott 

Dr Michael Anderson

Identity, Change and Power Shift: The Case of Loyalism in Northern Ireland (2011)

Professor Jennifer Todd 

Dr Imogen Sudbery

Empowerment through Europeanisation? How Polish Civil Society Orgasnisations Use Europe (2011)

Professor Brigid Laffan

Dr Maire Brophy

Intervention and Sovereignty: a Republican Approach (2011)

Assoc Professor Iseult Honohan 

Dr Michael Breen

The Political Logic of IMF Lending and Conditionality (2010)

Professor Andreas Duer 

Dr Paul Gill

The individual and organisational dimensions of suicide bombing using political psychology (2010)  Dr Tobias Theiler
 Dr Jennifer Lambert  Domestic Reform and External Legitimacy: The Case of Qatar (2010)  
Dr Brid O Rourke Civil Society and Emerging Conceptions of Citzenship: The Implications for the Community and the Voluntary Sector in Ireland (2009)  
Dr Emmanuelle Schon Quinlivan The administrative reforms in the 2000 - 2005 European Commission: the role of New Public Management in Instututional Change in the European Bureaucracy (2008) Professor Brigid Laffan 
Dr Joseph Osobu Beyond the State: A Comparative Study of Electoral Politics in Nigeria (2006)  
Dr Cathal Coleman Subsidiarity, European Union and Democracy: A Conceptual Analysis (2006)  

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