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There are currently 118 Ad Astra Academic scholars in UCD, studying across a range of undergraduate programmes.

Each year, up to sixteen academic scholarships are awarded to scholars based on a combination of the application process and Leaving Certificate or GCE Advanced (A-Level) results.

Up to eighteen scholarships are also awarded to current students of UCD based on academic achievement and an application process (by invite only) at the end of Stage 1.

Learn more about our scholars and what they get upto during their time in UCD by browsing the scholar profiles below.

Find out how Colm got on completing research under the guidance of Dr. Liam Martin (Nephrology -SVUH) and Dr. Neil Docherty (Diabetes Complications - UCD) in conjunction with the UCD School of Medicine Summer Student Research Awards (SSRA) programme in 2019 by reading his report below!

Colm Tuohy Medicine Stage 5

Find out how Niamh got on at EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland) to carry out a research project in Professor Clemence Corminbeouf's laboratory for computational molecular design for two months in the summer of 2019 by reading her blog below (page two)!

Niamh O'Neill Chemistry

Shelley had originally planned a full year of studying abroad for the 2019/20 academic year at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). Unfortunately during her time there, protests (due to the proposed implementation of the extradition bill) were taking place. During the week of rioting in November 2019, CUHK officially announced the early termination of the first semester.

UCD moved her study abroad experience to the University of Western Australia for the Spring trimester in 2020. Mid-way through her studies, the COVID-19 pandemic happened and Shelley decided to stay in Australia. Find out about both her experiences by reading her blogs below.

Shelley Tang Economics and Statistics Stage 4 Autumn Trimester

Shelley Tang Economics and Statistics Stage 4 Spring Trimester 2020 

Sam had the opportunity to undertake a study abroad experience at the University of Otago for the Spring Trimester 2020. Unforutnately it had to be cut short due to COVID-19. Find out about his experiences by checking out his blog below.

Sam Totterdell Commerce Stage 3

Fiachra had the opportunity to undertake an Erasmus experience in the University of Edinburgh in January 2020. Mid way through his experience, the COVID-19 pandemic happened. Find out about his experience by reading his blog below.

Fiachra Robinson Mechanical Engineering Stage 4

Laura got a fantastic opportunity to Study Abroad in UCLA for the 2019/2020 Spring Trimester. What started as a great experience ended with COVID-19 and the race to return home, whilst continuing her UCLA studies from Dublin. Find out more about her experience by reading her blog below.

Laura Nagle Mechanical Engineering Stage 4 

In September 2019, Conor had the chance to undertake a Study Abroad trimester at the University of Edinburgh. Click on the link below to read his blog on how he found the experience!

Conor Dyson, Applied & Computational Maths Stage 4

Alex had the exciting opportunity to carry out a four-month research internship at the Max Planck Institute for Colloids and Interfaces in Berlin, Germany, under the supervision of Dr. Oren Moscovitz during the summer of 2021!

It gave Alex the opportunity to experience a real-world research environment and meet top class scientists from around the world. He was able to apply many of the chemical concepts that he had studied in UCD, as well as learning many new concepts in biochemistry.

Click on the link below to read his blog on how he found the internship!

 Alex Burke Research internship at the Max Planck Institute for Colloids and Interfaces in Berlin, Germany

Click on the link below to read about Eva's trimester at the University Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona, as part of the Erasmus programme in 2020.

 Eva Glynn Law Stage 4

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