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Have a look at the facilities in the Institute of Sport and Health with our Elite Sports Director, Professor Colin Boreham, which our scholars get to utilise during their time in the Academy. You can also access the video by clicking (opens in a new window)here to view the facilities.

Human Performance Laboratory

Sport science support activities are undertaken in the BASES accredited Human Performance Laboratory (HPL). The HPL incorporates the latest technological advances in the field (e.g. iDXA scanner, isokinetic dynamometry, gas analysers). In addition to its research activities, the HPL provides a full range of testing services to athletes of all abilities, from beginner to elite level, delivered by accredited Sport and Exercise Scientists. These include: fitness monitoring, tailored training advice and longitudinal follow-up.

The sport science support allows performance tracking and highlights the athlete's strengths and weaknesses, facilitating a more tailored approach to training. Many physical factors are involved in human sporting performance, including aerobic endurance, strength and power, body composition and speed. All of these can be measured accurately at the HPL. A testing programme is designed to fit the individual requirements and schedules of the client. Results are then put into the specific sporting context, and straightforward explanations are provided to the coach and/or individual athlete to help interpret the results.

High Performance Gym

The High Performance Gym (HPG) plays a major role in raising sports performance in UCD. Two Strength and Conditioning experts provide support to the Ad Astra Academy Elite Sports Academy members, UCD teams and outside organisations. The HPG aims to develop fitness components such as, power, speed, strength, speed endurance, stability, agility, quickness, flexibility and muscular endurance. All testing and programming is individualised with respect to the athlete and their respective sport. The aim is to periodize the training program to maximise the chance of peak performance at critical points, identified by the sports coach, in the competitive season.

Sports Medicine & Chartered Physiotherapy

Critical to the success of any athlete is the proper care and attention when injured. Together with the international physiotherapy and rehabilitation group DBC which is led by Liam Heavin.   The focus is on exercise-based rehabilitation, supplemented by the expert skills of Chartered Physiotherapists and Sports Doctors. Facilities and services include:

  • High-Tech Sports Rehabilitation Gym
  • DBC Back and Neck Rehabilitation Clinic
  • Post-Operative Rehabilitation
  • Expert Manual Therapy
  • Isokinetic Dynamometer Testing
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound Scanning
  • Sports Medicine Physician

View all of the sports facilities within the UCD campus here.

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