Acknowledging Our Donors

UCD Ad Astra Academy is made possible with the very generous support of individuals and organisations such as Arup, Dr Peter Gleeson, Patrick & Mary Joy and Denis & Catherine O’Brien. We are very grateful to them, and to those donors who prefer to remain anonymous, for their support of the Academy.

“We are proud to support the talent and ability represented by UCD Ad Astra Academy. The Ad Astra scholars are the next leaders in business, politics, health, sport and the arts. If they are nurtured at home at undergraduate level it is more likely they will stay in Ireland to live and work after graduation. Their success can only enhance the reputation of Ireland as well as of UCD.” Ian Murray, Head of Partnerships, Bank of Ireland.

“One of the goals of the Arup Trust is to support the education of the country’s future engineers and to raise awareness of the importance of the built environment around us. The Arup Trust’s support of UCD Ad Astra Academy and the scholars who will be the country’s future engineers is of enormous importance to the company.” Donal McDaid, Trustee, Arup Charitable Trust of Ireland.

“As an alumnus of UCD, I am really impressed by the aims of UCD Ad Astra Academy and the benefits it will be bring to the university community as a whole.” Anonymous donor.

If you or your organisation are interested in supporting UCD Ad Astra Academy, please contact Jessica Kavanagh in UCD Foundation:

Jessica Kavanagh – Head of Trusts and Major Gifts
Tel: 01 7161268