UCD Ad Astra Performing Arts Drama Scholar and Stage Two Law Student, Carla Fusciardi offers her advice on applying to UCD’s Ad Astra Performing Arts Scholarship. Read here to find out her advice for applying!


Opening Date:

Applications are accepted from 1st November 2019.

Closing Date:

Students must submit an application before 31st January 2020. This date is strictly adhered to.

Interview Dates:

Interviews will take place in April / May 2020.


Only students who are shortlisted for interview are notified.

All students who are interviewed will be notified of their outcome by June 2020.


How to apply

Students should complete their CAO forms as usual by the 1st February for undergraduate admission. Graduate applicants should apply directly to UCD in the normal way. 

Click here to apply.

Stage 1 - Application:

Candidates will be chosen for audition on the basis of the information provided on the application form. Candidates should give as much information as possible about their musical or dramatic studies, past experiences and any information that might support the application for an audition.

Stage 2 - Audition and Interview:


The audition will involve three elements:
  1. Two contrasting pieces of up to 3 minutes each (to be approved beforehand by UCD);
  2. A workshop led by Kellie Hughes, Ad Astra Director-in-Residence;
  3. An interview. 


The audition will involve two elements:

  1. The performance of a 10-15 minute recital with at least two contrasting pieces (to be approved beforehand by UCD);
  2. An interview.

Please note: for those applying in the vocal category, a list of pieces suitable for performance will be sent to those candidates selected for audition.  There will be several pieces to choose from within each voice category i.e. soprano, baritone etc.


Stage 3- Offers:

Successful candidates will be offered a place in the Academy subject to an offer and acceptance of a course in UCD. Some provision may be made for successful audition candidates who do not attain the required points for their chosen degree but who can show evidence of ability to undertake their chosen course.  This concession is intended to reflect the time commitment and discipline invested by scholars in their artistic performance. However, all candidates must meet minimum Matriculation subject entry requirements. The full entry conditions, including points concession can be found here:

All scholarships are awarded subject to the general conditions of the Ad Astra scholarships and specific Terms & Conditions for each strand.



Prospective Students

The Ad Astra Performing Arts Scholarships are open to students who excel in the fields of music or drama, with a proven record of dedication to the development of their performance work. There is no restriction on the type of programme Performing Arts Scholars may undertake.

Current UCD students

Students already enrolled on courses at University College Dublin at undergraduate or postgraduate level are eligible to apply.