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Athletics, GAA, Hockey, Rowing, Rugby, Soccer and Swimming are our priority sports. We also have Modern Pentathletes, a Weightlifter, Paralympian Table-Tennis player, Canoeists, Showjumpers, and an Eventer. However, applications from other sports are welcome and will be given full consideration.

The deadline dates are strictly adhered to and applications must be made by 31st January. No exceptions are allowed. 

If you did miss this year's date to apply, please note that you can apply every year that you are studying in UCD at under and graduate level.

We have a total of 60 Elite Sports Scholars in the Academy at any one time.

We have up to 60 Elite Sports Scholars at any one time but there is no 'fixed' quantity that we intake each year. Applicants who meet the criteria for admission will be shortlisted and interviewed. Final decisions on the award of Elite Sports Scholarships are the responsibility of the interviewing panel.

Yes, of course, but we encourage good lines of communication with our own staff to ensure athlete welfare throughout your time at UCD.

The Ad Astra Elite Sports Scholarship is open to those who compete at the highest level in their sport. All athletes in the Academy compete at international level. In the case of GAA, they compete at inter-county level.

Unique features to membership of the Ad Astra Elite Sports Academy are the dedicated Strength and Nutritional support, the provision of physiotherapy if required, physiological testing, academic mentoring, and in addition, points derogation (if required) for admission to UCD.

Information abour UCD Sports Scholarships and UCD Graduate Sports Scholarships are available by clicking here.

You can apply from 1st November until the January 31st deadline online via our website. Please note, the online application is not available until November each year.

Problems accessing your online application? When logging in to an existing account, enter the UCD Unique ID that was sent to the email account you registered with (it begins with 'A') in the 'Email Address, ID Number or Connect Username' section, followed by your password.

Unsure if you have a UCD unique ID? To access the applications section, you would have had to either log in or created a profile. Search your email account (incl spam) for the address 'noreply@ucd.ie' to find your username details.

Forgotten your password? Click on a link that says 'Retrieve your Password', as shown below and it will ask if you would like the password sent to your email account or you can retrieve it via the security question you made when creating the account.

Prospective Students - School Leavers: We require two references-one academic and one sporting.

Current students of UCD: We require one sporting reference. An academic reference is not required.

1. Academic reference: A reference is required from the school the student is currently attending. This can be from the headmaster/headmistress or year head. It can also be from a Career Guidance teacher.

The reference should be short, accurate and refer to the academic abilities of the candidate.

2. Sporting reference: A reference is required from the coach or National Governing Body and should be short, accurate and refer to the sporting achievements of the applicant and indicate their future potential.

No. We require a written reference to be submitted and this should contain the name/address/telephone number of the referee.

Under the Application Checklist, click the Upload box beside the Academic Reference and the Sporting Reference.

Submit either a passport photograph or a photograph from a sporting competition.

Contact UCD Ad Astra Academy

Student Centre, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4.
T: +353 1 716 3105 | E: adastraacademy@ucd.ie