Check out the blog below, from Elite Sports Scholar Andrew Goff the 2018 Silver World Medallist on why you should apply to the Ad Astra Academy! 

Andrew Goff, U23 World Rowing Silver Medallist on Why to Apply to the Academy


Opening Date:

Applications open from 1st November 2018.

Closing Date:

31st January 2019. The closing date is strictly adhered to.

Interview Dates:

Interviews will take place in March or April 2019 and students must be available to attend.


Only students who are shortlisted for interview are notified.

All students who are interviewed will be notified of their outcome in April. Some students may be put on a reserve list.


How to apply

Stage 1 - Application:

Students must complete the UCD Ad Astra Elite Sports Academy Form online no later than 31st January 2019.

Click here to apply

NB: The closing date of 31 January 2019 will be strictly adhered to.



Who need to supply a reference?

We require two reference, one academic and one sporting.

1. Academic reference. A reference is required from the school the student is currently attending. This can be from the headmaster/headmistress or year head. It can also be from a Career Guidance teacher. The reference should be short, accurate and refer to the academic abilities of the candidate.

2. Sporting reference: A reference is required from the coach or National Governing Body and should be short, accurate and refer to the sporting achievements of the applicant and indicate their future potential.

Are Reference contact details enough?
No. We require a written reference to be submitted and this should contain the name/address/telephone number of the referee.

How do I upload the reference?
Under the Application Checklist, click the Upload box beside the Academic Reference and the Sporting Reference.



What size should be uploaded?
Submit either a passport photograph or a photograph from a sporting competition.


Problems Accessing your online application?

When you went to the applications webpage and created a new profile, it would have asked for your name / email address / password /security question etc.  An email would have than been sent to your account. Check and see that you received this (incl spam). You could try entering your UCD Unique ID that would have been emailed to you, which begins with 'A'.

When logging into your existing account, if you have forgotten your password, it allows you to click on a link that then says 'Retrieve your Password' and it will ask if you would like the password sent to your email account or you can retrieve it via the security question you made when creating the account.


Stage 2 - Interview:

The applications are reviewed by the University and suitable candidates are selected for interview. Students who make it to the interview stage will be notified in writing.

Stage 3 - Offers:

Following the interview stage, placement offers will be made to successful applicants. These applicants will be expected to achieve certain subject and grade requirements for their programme.

Successful candidates will be offered a place in the Academy subject to an offer and acceptance of a course in UCD. Some provision may be made for successful candidates who do not attain the required points for their chosen degree but who can show evidence of ability to undertake their chosen course. This concession is intended to reflect the time commitment and discipline invested by scholars in their sporting pursuits. However, all candidates must meet minimum Matriculation subject entry requirements. The full entry conditions, including points concessions can be found here: Entry Requirements for Elite Athletes and Performing Arts 2019 .

All scholarships are awarded subject to the general conditions of the Ad Astra scholarships and specific Terms & Conditions for each strand.