ISHGR Elections

University College Dublin

Elections to the ISHGR Board and President will be held at the ISGHR general meeting (9-10.30m Fri July 1st). All ISHGR members in good standing will be able to vote via a Mentimeter link at the meeting.

Nominations for election to the Board and to the ISHGR Presidency are now open. We seek to elect seven members to the Board as well as a new President. The Board will then assign roles to Board members at their first meeting. We will then co-opt onto the Board the following members:  the next host of CHAGS, one representative of the three co-editors of HGR, and two other Board Members, giving a total of 12 people. We will maintain diversity where possible by reaching out for candidates of under-represented genders, career stage, ethnicities, backgrounds etc. This gives a Board of twelve – we will need this energy to enable ISHGR to be an active organisation with a focus on early career researchers and networking. 


We welcome your nominations. You can nominate yourself by using this gform with a deadline of June 17th. The form asks for brief biographic information and why you should be elected. This data will be shared with ISHGR members in advance of the election. All nominations need to be seconded by an ISHGR member in good standing – i.e. someone who has either paid their 2022 ISGHR subscriptions direct to Liverpool University Press or who has these covered as part of their CHAGS13 registration. We will contact ‘seconders’ to confirm nominations.