The Living Well Together Feast

The sharing of food has created and sustained communities, including hunter-gatherers, throughout the deep history of humanity. The preparation and sharing of food weaves relationships which bind and sustain people, plants and animals: creating identities, opportunities, landscapes and worlds. Sharing food and the relationships this generates has been a key focus for hunter-gatherer studies. 

At CHAGS13 we celebrate the relationships that sustain our International Society for Hunter-Gatherer Research community through a feast showcasing the best of wild Irish food and small producers: foods that arise from deep and respectful relationships between people and place. These are foods that are sustainable, local and often highly nutritious. The Feast is hosted at the UCD Centre for Experimental Archaeology and Material Culture and will include tasting courses. Informal seating and fire pits create spaces for story-telling and sharing. Our feast will help us Live Well Together and create relationships we can sustain until the next CHAGS!

The Living Well Together feast is coordinated by Jason O’Brien and generously sponsored by Odaios Foods and Compass.

There is a charge of €20 per head, payable through the main registration link or at registration. Delegates are welcome to register a partner/family member for the Feast.