Local Organising Committee (LoCo)

After graduating in Archaeology at University College Dublin (2015), Micheal Butler undertook an MA in Mesolithic Studies at the University of York, (2015-2016), and most recently he submitted his Doctoral thesis, entitled the ‘The development of a spatially explicit agent-based modelling framework to explore past vegetation dynamics’ at the University of Bradford. He is currently a Research Scientist on the IRC COALESCE funded ‘Looking Up’ Project at University College Dublin, which endeavours to develop new methodologies to identify and manage early prehistoric archaeological remains in Europe’s mountains. Micheál’s research focuses on the application of computer simulation techniques in archaeology, primarily agent-based modelling, and GIS predictive modelling.


Sonja Kačar is currently an IRC Postdoctoral fellow at University College Dublin and a research associate at the Laboratory TRACES, Toulouse. She holds a PhD in Prehistory, conferred jointly by the University of Toulouse (France) and the University of Zagreb (Croatia). She specializes in lithic analysis and her research interests cover Mediterranean and European prehistory, with a focus on the last hunter-gatherers and the first farmers of the Adriatic.


Nathalie Norton has over 20 years experience in marketing and events and is currently providing administrative support to the CHAGS Team.


Martin Moucheron moved to Ireland in 2015, went back to College, and graduated in Archaeology in UCD in 2020. He started a PhD in UCD the same year dedicated to reassessing three known late Mesolithic sites on the east coast of Ireland using field, lab, and remote sensing techniques.