We welcome proposals of sessions for CHAGS13. The theme of CHAGS13 is Living Well Together, and in this context, we are strongly encouraging interdisciplinary and intersectoral proposals. We hope that your Session Abstracts will highlight how they will help us ‘Live Well Together’. We anticipate that most Sessions will have multiple Chairs and we encourage you all to use your existing networks and reach out to make new contacts. The @ISHGR5 and @CHAGS131 twitter feeds would be a good way of doing this.

A standard timetable slot is c. 1.45hrs, with the possibility of popular sessions using multiple timetable slots. For ease of organisation, we ask you to select one of a small number of session types:  

‘Formal oral presentations’: Given the large number of delegates with the exception of keynotes and plenaries spoken papers will be 10 minutes in maximum length. We may be able to facilitate a very small number of sessions with longer papers - please select type ‘other’

 Workshops/Roundtables: sessions where it is not anticipated that participants will all present papers and proceedings will be based around discussion. Rooms appropriate for discussion will be provided for these sessions. 

Posters/Flash presentations: we will support an overall poster session, with a 2min ‘flash’ presentation of the posters by their authors. 

Performance/Other: sessions with specific AV requirements or not fitting in the above. Please provide us as much information as possible about the types of spaces/AV supports you might need.

Deadline for submission of conference proposals: Nov 19th 2021!


Key timeline:

Nov 19th 2021 – session proposal deadline
By Dec 3rd 2021– Scientific Committee to review Session Proposals
Dec 10th 2021, finalise & publicise  sessions, open call for Papers, open registration
Feb 4th 2022, close call for papers, close early bird registration
Feb 25th 2022, complete review of paper proposals.


Proposals will be reviewed and evaluated by the CHAGS13 Scientific Committee in Oct 2021, and once finalised, a call for papers will be circulated asking for submissions to identify the Sessions that they would like to be considered for. Where two proposals cover similar topics we may ask for those sessions to be combined.

Please see below a link to a form to enter details of your proposal. Note the ‘extra Chairs’ tick box which will allow you to enter up to FOUR chairs.

Please use the form below to make your submissions. There is a maximum of two session proposals per delegate.


Click to view 'Session Proposals' online form here