Below are, in alphabetical order, the abstracts and details of each session and their respective papers:

21st Century Hunter-Gatherer Studies: Ethical, scientific, & socio- political implications

A rights based approach to meet the needs of contemporary hunter-gatherers between resource exploitation, wealth distribution, biodiversity loss and cultural diversity

A route along different approaches to study children learning and foraging in hunter-gatherers societies

Bridging the gap between theory, methods, ethics, and the validation of knowledge: an interdisciplinary dialogue on coastal hunter-gatherer societies

Conflict or Collaboration? The impact of World Heritage on hunter gatherers

Current Issues and Futures for Indigenous Societies: Indigeneity, cultural heritage, health and lifestyle

Current Research

Endangered HG languages (competence, structure, domains of use) and language shift

Forager Child Studies: What have we learned? Where should we go?

Foragers in High Places: hunter-gatherers and mountain landscapes

Four approaches to studying childrearing among hunter-gatherers

Human Adaptation and Sustainability in a Moral Community: The Central Role of Women, Mothers and Children (ROUND TABLE)

Hunter-Gatherers and Experimental Archaeology: Making, Understanding, Storytelling

Hunter-Gatherers and formal education: Challenges and opportunities

Hunter-Gatherers Atmospheres

Hunting Time: Chronology, temporality and time within the study of hunter-gatherer-fisher societies

Influencers or Innovators? Challenging Colonial Legacies in Researching Hunter-Gatherer/AgriculturalistPastoralist Interactions

Keynote: Rewild your inner hunter-gatherer? Living Well Together with popular ideas about an imagined ancestral condition

Living (and working) well together: Science, humanism, and critical reflection in Hunter-Gatherer studies

Living Livelihoods: Views of Forager Subsistence, Settlement, and Spatial Organization from Ethnographic and Archeological Records

Living well with natural hazards? Investigating patterns of hunter- gatherer-fisher resilience

Multispecies worlds and socio-centric societies – living together with animals, plants, and insects

Personal Ornamentation and Social Relations in Hunter-Gatherer Worlds

Plants, People & Things: Experimental explorations of hunter-gatherer plant crafts and material cultures

PLENARY: Biological and cultural adaptation to changing climates

PLENARY: Education for Contemporary Hunter-Gatherers

PLENARY SESSION: Working well together. Indigenous perspectives and collaborative approaches in huntergatherer archaeology

Poster Session

Research codes and contracts among hunter-gatherers

The Dawn of Everything

The Economic and Social Implications of Seafaring & Watercraft Technology among Hunter-Fisher-Gatherers

The Genomics of Hunter-Gatherer Populations

What is ‘living well’?