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Third Year PhD Presentations

dublinchemistry_all_logos.jpgDublin Chemistry 3rd Year Presentations

‌Each year, our third year PhD students make an oral presentation of their research results to an audience comprised of their peers, academics from the UCD & TCD Schools of Chemistry and invited representatives from our sponsor Eli Lilly. Prizes are awarded for Best in Category on the day.

The 2020 Third Year PhD Talks were held Online and hosted by Trinity College Dublin.

Prizes were awarded as follows:  

Vanya Petseva (UCD, Dawson Group)

The hidden gem in calcified seaweeds:  Naturally derived nanomaterials

Eric Mates-Torres (TCD, Garcia-Melchor Group)

Modelling of 2D Electrocatalysts for Sustainable Energy applications

Saranna E. Kavanagh (UCD, Gilheany Group)

Asymmetric Grignard Synthesis of Tertiary Alcohols: Development and Application

Orla Patton (UCD, Gilheany Group)

Catalytic Asymmetric Grignard Synthesis of Chiral Tertiary Alcohols

Xue Bai (TCD, Gun’Ko Group)

Near-Infrared-Emitting CIZSe/CIZS/ZnS Colloidal Heteronanonail Structures

Lorna Conway (UCD, Evans Group)

Synthesis of Anti-Inflammatory and Pro-Apoptotic Cyclopentenone Prostaglandin Mimics


The 2019 Third Year PhD Talks were held in University College Dublin and prizes were awarded as follows:  

Abdullah Hassan (UCD, Oscarson Group)

Best in Organic Synthesis Group - "Determining the Role of Sialic Acids in Pathogenic Bacteria: Synthesis of Pseudaminic Acid and Related Analogues"  

Joseph Eiffe (TCD, Schmitt Group)

Best in Co-ordination Chemistry Group - "Structural diversity in metal-organic frameworks and metal-organic polyhedra with 1,3,5-triethynylbenzene based linkers"  

Neil Taylor (TCD, McGouran Group)

Best in Click Chemistry Applications Group - "Novel activity-based probes targeting deubiquitinating enzymes via thiol-ene coupling" 

Shelly Stafford  (TCD, Gun'ko Group)

Best in Materials Synthesis ll Group - "The development of novel multimodal magneticplasmonic nanocomposites for potential applications in biosensing and theranostics"

Conor Crawford (UCD, Oscarson Group)

Best in Large Molecule Therapeutics Group - "A Quest for a cryptococcal vaccine"  

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