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Postgraduate Students


Suzanne Lynch, PhD (IRC Scholar) (suzanne.lynch@ucdconnect.ie): 'Sexual Violence in Greek Literature'


Mohan Deng, PhD (mohan.deng@ucdconnect.ie): 'Between Confrontation and Integration: Relations between Pagan Aristocrats and Christians in the Controversy of the Altar of Victory'

Mengzhen Yue, PhD mengzhen.yue@ucdconnect.ie: 'Panhellenism and Greek Identity in Isocrates'

Eoghan Finn, PhD (eoghan.finn@ucdconnect.ie): 'Roman Auxiliaries from Caesar to Gallienus'

Hong Xu, PhD xu.hong@ucdconnect.ie: 'The Foreign Policy of Philip V of Macedon'

Jessica Doyle, PhD (IRC Scholar): 'Hunting Iconography in Early Greek Art', 2016 (Dr Christina Haywood)

Edna Nash, MLitt: 'Imagery in Virgil and Mauriac', 2016 (Dr Martin Brady)

Fiona Murphy, PhD: 'Attitudes towards sexuality and sexual preference in the Greek world as displayed in Book XIII of Athenaeus’ Deipnosophistae', 2015 (Prof. Theresa Urbainczyk)

Maeve McHugh, PhD (maeve.mchugh@ucdconnect.ie): 'The ancient Greek Farmstead: Its role and function in the Classical-Hellenistic periods with a specific focus on three study areas in the Peloponnese', 2014 (Dr Christina Haywood)

Louise Aitchison, PhD: 'Rome's Sabine Identity', 2012 (Dr Philip de Souza)

Aideen Carty, PhD (IRCHSS scholar): 'Polycrates, Tyrant of Samos: Friendship and Power in the Archaic Mediterranean' , 2012 (Dr Philip de Souza)

Bridget Martin, PhD (UCD Ad Astra Scholar) bridget.martin@ucd.ie 'The Return of the Dead in Greek Tragedy', 2012 (Prof. Michael Lloyd)

Ann Chapman, PhD: ‘Plutarch and the Female Principle’, 2009 (Prof. Theresa Urbainczyk)

Tom Donaghy, PhD (IRCHSS Scholar): ‘Horse Breeds and Breeding in the Greco-Persian World: 1st and 2nd Millennium BC’, 2009 (Dr Philip de Souza)

Sonya Nevin, PhD: 'Military Ethics in Ancient Greece' , 2009 (Dr Philip de Sousa)

Eleni Tsiknakou, MLitt: 'Athens between Mithridates and Rome', 2009 (Prof. Andrew Smith)

Siobhan Hayes, MLitt 'Lysistrata Re-examined', 2007 (Prof. Michael Lloyd)

Lucy Corcoran, PhD: 'Euripides’ Iphigeneia at Aulis: The Story of a Hero’, 2006 (Prof. Michael Lloyd)

Barry Molloy, PhD: ‘The Role of Combat Weaponry in Bronze Age Societies: The Cases of the Aegean and Ireland in the Middle and Late Bronze Age', 2006 (Dr Philip de Sousa)

Kathleen Donohue, MLitt: 'Saint Augustine's De Quantitate Anima: A Study', 2005 (Prof. Andrew Smith)

Renate Kurzmann, PhD: ‘Roman Military Brick Stamps- a Comparison of Methodology'’,  2005 (Dr Birgitta Hoffmann & Prof. Andrew Smith)

Pamela Marin, PhD: ‘Cato the Younger: Myth and Reality'’, 2005 (Dr Philip de Souza)

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