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Oisin Parsons, PhD, 'Lucan in Medieval Irish Epic', (Dr Martin Brady).

Eleanor Kellett, PhD, ‘Tattooing in the Classical World’, (Prof. Michael Lloyd and Dr Christopher Farrell).


Mike Norris, PhD, 'Reception of Graeco-Roman Cosmology in Early Christian Italy' (Assoc. Prof Aude Doody and Assoc. Prof Alexander Thein).

Suzanne Lynch, PhD, (IRC Scholar), 'Sexual Violence in Greek Literature', 2023, (Prof Michael Lloyd).

Mohan Deng, PhD, 'Between Confrontation and Integration: Relations between Pagan Aristocrats and Christians in the Controversy of the Altar of Victory', 2021, (Assoc. Prof Alexander Thein and Assoc. Prof Aude Doody).

Mengzhen Yue, PhD 'Panhellenism and Greek Identity in Isocrates', 2020, (Assoc. Prof Alexander Thein and Dr Christopher Farrell).

Eoghan Finn, PhD 'Roman Auxiliaries from Caesar to Gallienus', 2019, (Assoc. Prof Philip de Souza).

Hong Xu, PhD 'The Foreign Policy of Philip V of Macedon', 2018, (Assoc. Prof Philip de Souza).

Jessica Doyle, PhD (IRC Scholar): 'Hunting Iconography in Early Greek Art', 2016 (Dr Christina Haywood).

Edna Nash, MLitt: 'Imagery in Virgil and Mauriac', 2016, (Dr Martin Brady).

Fiona Murphy, PhD: 'Attitudes towards sexuality and sexual preference in the Greek world as displayed in Book XIII of Athenaeus’ Deipnosophistae', 2015, (Prof. Theresa Urbainczyk).

Maeve McHugh, PhD, 'The ancient Greek Farmstead: Its role and function in the Classical-Hellenistic periods with a specific focus on three study areas in the Peloponnese', 2014 (Dr Christina Haywood).

Louise Aitchison, PhD: 'Rome's Sabine Identity', 2012 (Dr Philip de Souza).

Aideen Carty, PhD (IRCHSS scholar): 'Polycrates, Tyrant of Samos: Friendship and Power in the Archaic Mediterranean' , 2012 (Dr Philip de Souza).

Bridget Martin, PhD (UCD Ad Astra Scholar), 'The Return of the Dead in Greek Tragedy', 2012 (Prof. Michael Lloyd).

Ann Chapman, PhD: ‘Plutarch and the Female Principle’, 2009 (Prof. Theresa Urbainczyk).

Tom Donaghy, PhD (IRCHSS Scholar): ‘Horse Breeds and Breeding in the Greco-Persian World: 1st and 2nd Millennium BC’, 2009 (Dr Philip de Souza).

Sonya Nevin, PhD: 'Military Ethics in Ancient Greece' , 2009 (Dr Philip de Souza).

Eleni Tsiknakou, MLitt: 'Athens between Mithridates and Rome', 2009 (Prof. Andrew Smith).

Siobhan Hayes, MLitt 'Lysistrata Re-examined', 2007 (Prof. Michael Lloyd).

Lucy Corcoran, PhD: 'Euripides’ Iphigeneia at Aulis: The Story of a Hero’, 2006 (Prof. Michael Lloyd).

Barry Molloy, PhD: ‘The Role of Combat Weaponry in Bronze Age Societies: The Cases of the Aegean and Ireland in the Middle and Late Bronze Age', 2006 (Dr Philip de Souza).

Kathleen Donohue, MLitt: 'Saint Augustine's De Quantitate Anima: A Study', 2005 (Prof. Andrew Smith).

Renate Kurzmann, PhD: ‘Roman Military Brick Stamps- a Comparison of Methodology'’,  2005 (Dr Birgitta Hoffmann and Prof. Andrew Smith).

Pamela Marin, PhD: ‘Cato the Younger: Myth and Reality'’, 2005 (Dr Philip de Souza).

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