The Centre is managed by the Director, Professor J. Stephen Daly, and operated under the day-to-day supervision of Mr Michael Murphy, Chief Technical Officer.

A management committee that guides policy, oversees technical developments and scientifically evaluates projects that propose to use the facility comprises:

Professor J. Stephen Daly (Petrology)
Professor P. Frank McDermott (Paleoclimatology)
Associate Professor Julian F. Menuge (Geochronology, Petrology & Isotope Geochemistry)
Associate Professor Peter D. W Haughton (Marine & Petroleum Geology)
Mr Michael Murphy (Chief Technical Officer)
Dr Shane Tyrrell (NUIG, Earth & Ocean Sciences)
Dr Helen Lewis (UCD, School of Archaeology) 
Dr David Chew (TCD, Department of Geology) 
Professor Balz Kamber (TCD, Department of Geology)