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Our group investigates the processes that give rise to a range of geological and geophysical hazards, including those associated with volcanoes, land subsidence, landslides and earthquakes.


  • Dr Claire Harnett – Group Lead: Geomechanics and Volcano Hazards
  • Dr Eoghan Holohan – Group Lead: Land Subsidence and Remote Sensing
  • Dr Ivan Lokmer – Group Lead: Volcano and Earthquake Seismology
  • Ms Effat Behboudi – PhD researcher in subduction zone stress and earthquakes
  • Dr Alexis Hrysiewicz – Postdoctoral researcher in application of InSAR to peatlands
  • Ms Amy Myers – PhD researcher in lava dome instability
  • Dr Xiaowen Wang – Research Scientist on InSAR and coastal landslides
  • Mr Robert Watson – PhD researcher in karst geomorphology and subsidence

Research Areas:

  • Causes and consequences of volcano instability (lava dome collapse, volcano flank motion, caldera collapse, caldera resurgence)
  • Nature of volcanic deposits and volcano-tectonic structures (modern or ancient).
  • Comparison of volcanism on Earth and other planets
  • Formation of sinkholes and other depressions in various karst environments
  • Peatland ground motions and landslides
  • Volcano seismology
  • Observations, theory and modelling of seismic wave propagation in complex media
  • Near-field seismology and micrometre-scale deformation
  • Geoengineering and geomechanical properties of rocks

Research Methods and Infrastructure:

  • Rock deformation experiments – uniaxial 250 kN deformation rig (compression and indirect tension)
  • Remote sensing (InSAR, SAR, Multispectral) – dedicated INSAR processing server and GAMMA SAR processing software
  • Photogrammetric land surveys – drone, dGPS, flight control and post-processing software
  • Analogue modelling – tectonic deformation rig, DSLR cameras and professional lighting rig
  • Numerical modelling of rock deformation (Distinct Element Method) – Particle Flow Code (PFC2D&3D) software licenses, and dedicated DEM modelling server
  • Numerical modelling of seismic wave propagation – Spectral elements methods (SPECFEM2D, SEPCFEM3D, EFISPEC), elastic-lattice method (ELM)