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UCD School of Economics Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Committee

Terms of Reference

Role of the EDI Committee
The role of the School’s EDI Committee is to promote and improve EDI practices in the School of
Economics regarding the ten equality grounds set out by the University: Age, Civil status, Disability,
Family status including carer status, Gender, Traveller community membership, Ethnicity (race, skin
colour, nationality or ethnic origin), Religion, Sexual orientation, and Socio-economic-status.

Current members 2023-2024

Yota Deli (Chair)
Kevin Denny
Tiziana Brancaccio
Vincent Hogan

The EDI Committee will:

  •  Foster a sense of community in the School
  • Initiate, develop, and implement the School’s EDI initiatives for both staff and students
  • Lead on or work in a sub-group to progress specific elements of the School’s Athena SWAN
    Bronze Action Plan
  • Review and evaluate the effectiveness of the School’s EDI initiatives using qualitative and
    quantitative data
  • Report on progress of the Action Plan to UCD EDI Unit
  • Prepare the Athena SWAN application for either renewal of the Bronze award or application
    for a Silver award
  • Liaise with and be a represented on the CoSSL EDI Committee (which in turn liaises with the
    UCD EDI Group)
  • Report to the School’s Executive Committee (through the Chair who will be a member of the
    School Executive).

Membership Terms of Office

The EDI Committee is chaired by the School’s EDI Officer and comprises between 6-8 members
including representatives from staff and students. The Head of School is a standing member on the
Committee. Membership of the Committee will be representative of the School community based
on gender balance (40:60 female/male split) and diversity; grades; faculty, staff and students.

Members are anticipated to serve on the Committee for two years for staff and one year for
students, but with some exceptions and gradual turnover, to ensure continuity.


The Committee will meet twice a trimester.

Role of the Chair

The Chair’s role in EDI meetings will ensure that:

  • The power balance within the EDI Committee is maintained, that everyone is able to have
    their say and that stronger voices and hierarchy do not overpower discussions and decisions
  • All members of the EDI Committee take responsibility for completing tasks and the charter
    mark process
  • EDI Committee members are given proportionate responsibility
  • All identifiable and sensitive data is removed before circulating data reports with EDI
    Committee members.
  • Adhere to GDPR requirements, UCD IT Services Policy and Procedures and UCD Athena
    SWAN School Guide to Data.

EDI Committee Sub-Groups

The EDI Committee will have sub-groups or individuals with leads who are responsible for managing
different aspects of our Athena Swan Action Plan:

  • Communication
  • Policies
  • Events
  • Gender representation
  • Data analysis
  • Career progression
  • ISWE

More information on Athena SWAN Award can be found here.


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