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Applications for the programme MLitt/PhD programme open on the 1st of October 2022 and will close in August 2023.

Applicants who want to be considered for a scholarship need to apply by February 15, 2023. 


How to Apply

On the UCD website, applicants need to apply for the MLitt programme.

If their application is successful, they will transfer to the PhD register after completing the course phase in year 1.

The application code is W115 (MLitt full-time) or W160 (MLitt PT). Apply here 


Frequently Asked Questions


On the application portal, I cannot find a link to the PhD programme. Where is it?

Because all students are admitted to the MLitt first, please apply for the MLitt in Economics (W115 or W160).


Do all admitted students get a scholarship?

No. The School of Economics offers 6-8 scholarships per year, which are awarded based on academic merit. Students who have been admitted but initially not considered for a scholarship are placed on a waiting list. 


Should I contact potential supervisors before applying?

It is not necessary to contact potential supervisors before applying. However, it is helpful to indicate in the application what broad area you are interested in, such that our admissions committee can assess whether we have one or more potential supervisors. 


Where can I fill in the potential supervisor when filling in the application?

You will only be allotted a supervisor when you begin the programme.


I already have a Masters, can I apply straight for the PhD programme?

No. All students are first admitted to the MLitt programme. After successfully passing their first-year courses, they automatically transfer to the PhD register. 


My Masters was not in Economics. Can I still apply for the MLitt/PhD?

It depends. We are looking for students with strong quantitative skills. If your Masters had a strong quantitative component, we may consider your application. It is best to discuss this with the PhD Director.


Can I do a standalone MLitt?

Yes, but the School of Economics will not provide funding for that. 


Do you have any advice on the research proposal (length, content, details)? 

For the School of Economics, the research proposal serves two purposes: a) It shows that applicants have thought about a potential PhD topic and identified interesting research questions, and b) it helps us to assess whether we have potential supervisors in the proposed research area. However, once admitted, students are not bound by their proposal. Students often choose to work on different topics, but many students stay within the broad field outlined in their proposal. The proposal should be 1-2 pages long and include the following: i) a description of a broad research area and a motivation for why this research area is interesting; ii) 2-3 potential research questions within this area, along with a brief description how the applicant intends to answer them; iii) references to the 2-3 most important papers in this area; iv) mention of faculty members whose research interests the proposed research overlaps with. 


How many references are required? How does the referee upload the recommendation letter?

Two references will be required in support of your application. When you submit your application, an email will automatically be sent to your referees at the email address you provided. This email will contain a link where they can upload a recommendation letter. Please ensure your referees are aware of this and are looking out for this email.


I am not a native English speaker, and my IELTS score is about to expire, but my Master's degree is taught in English. Can I be exempted from submitting IELTS scores?

If you studied for your Masters through English then you do not need any further English Language qualifications. 



For any further queries about the programme, please contact the Graduate Director, Dr Frank Walsh (frank.walsh@ucd.ie). 


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