This is a vibrant multi-disciplinary School with a specific focus on Irish and Celtic culture and traditions, and on Irish language, literature and society in a national and international context. Subjects include Modern Irish, Irish Studies, Folklore, Celtic Studies, Early Irish and Welsh. The full spectrum of modules in Irish covers the evolution of Irish language and literature from 1200AD to present day Modern Irish language, media and literature.

The de Bhaldraithe centre of excellence for Irish Language is central to the provision of Advanced Language Skills preparing students for translation, and lawyer-linguist posts in the European Union. The study of Folklore looks at the nature of popular tradition and the way in which it is transmitted, usually outside of official channels and often across vast distances of time and space, and the School is linked to the National Folklore Collection. Modules on Celtic Civilisation enable students to form an overview of the history, literature, language and culture of the Celts with links to other international universities.

Interdisciplinary modules in Irish Studies ensure excellent insights from Ireland's foremost scholars enhancing the understanding of Ireland in a global context, its Irishness, including its Celtic roots and associations in a historical and contemporary context.