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Nua-Aois is University College Dublin's student literary publication in the Irish language.

Since 1970, Nua-Aois has provided a platform for budding Irish language writers. This reputable publication is run by the students themselves and welcomes both creative and critical work from students all over the University.

Many of the magazine's contributors in the past have gone on to become leaders in the Irish language community, from renowned poets and writers of prose to pioneers in the Irish language media. The continued success of the publication is a testament to the continuing contribution of UCD's students to Irish language discourse and the arts.

Students interested in taking part in the publication of Nua-Aois, be it through the submission of work or through joining the editorial committee, should read further about the magazine at the links below and get in touch with nuaaois @ gmail . com

Digital editions of Nua-Aois:

(opens in a new window)2012-2014 Edition

(opens in a new window)2010-2012 Edition

(opens in a new window)2007-2009 Edition

(opens in a new window)2005-2006 Edition

(opens in a new window)1995-1996 Edition

(opens in a new window)1984 Edition

(opens in a new window)1981 Edition

(opens in a new window)1976 Edition

(opens in a new window)1975 Edition

(opens in a new window)1974 Edition

(opens in a new window)1972 Edition

(opens in a new window)1971 Edition