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Undergraduate Programmes

Undergraduate Programmes

As a multidisciplinary School, BA programmes are available in the following subject areas:

Modern Irish

Celtic Civilisation. Celtic Civilisation is the study of   the history, literature,   language and cultures of the Celts over the centuries. This course   is particularly relevant for   students interested in any aspect of Irish culture, since the Irish   component reveals the rich   heritage of the past and places it   in the context of the wider   historical and cultural experience of Celtic-spe

Irish Folklore. The study of folklore (or   ethnology) focusses on   traditional popular culture,   in the past and in the present. As an academic discipline, it   involves the exploration of   material culture, social   tradition, oral literature, and   popular belief and practice

Irish Studies. Deepen your knowledge of   Ireland's modern society, its   history and its rich culture   through a range of multi-disciplinary modules at UCD.   BA students will develop their understanding of Irish history, language, literature (in both   English and Irish), archaeology, music, folklore, society and   politics.

Together with the UCD School of Law, we provide the BA course:

Law with Irish

The School is involved in the following BA Humanities pathways :

(opens in a new window)Celtic Studies, Art History & History

(opens in a new window)Languages, Linguistics and Cultures

We also provide a Diploma in Applied Irish:

Continued Education Diploma in Applied Irish