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European Research Council Projects

Associate Professor Ríona Nic Congáil

 The European Research Council has awarded a substantial grant (to the value of €1,272,260) to Dr Ríona Nic Congáil for her interdisciplinary research project entitled "Youth Engagement in European Language Preservation, 1900-2020". This is a five year project which aims to investigate how young people have engaged - or not engaged - in language preservation in the case of European minority and regional languages from the year 1900 onwards. This project will focus on Irish, Welsh and Catalan and will comprise of a four person research team. The project will be based in the UCD School of Irish, Celtic Studies and Folklore.  

For more information, please visit: https://www.ucd.ie/yeelp/en/ 

Article: (opens in a new window)http://research.ie/what-we-do/loveirishresearch/blog/irish-research-council-alumna-riona-nic-congail-secures-european-research-council-starting-grant/

Assistant Professor Fangzhe Qiu

Assistant Professor Fangzhe Qiu has been awarded the prestigious HORIZON ERC starting grant, worth €1.5m, for his project titled ‘Fluid texts and scholars’ digests: (re)production of law in medieval Ireland (FLEXI). The project will be hosted in UCD ICSF for 60 months, from September 2023 to August 2028.

FLEXI investigates how the fluid law texts were (re)produced and accepted as sources of law in medieval Europe, using four sets of late medieval Irish law texts called the ‘digests’ as its main object of study. It will focus on their compilatory principles and intellectual networks, as well as the possible influences from other legal traditions on the thematic framework used in the digests.

FLEXI transforms the digests texts into linked data and analysing them as intertextual networks quantitatively. It will, for the first time, reveal the intellectual landscape of late medieval Irish jurists on a large scale. It will also develop new toolkits for identifying re-used texts in early Irish which will greatly broaden the scope of the study of the evolution of the Irish textual tradition.

FLEXI will answer questions such as: how was the native law systemised in late medieval Ireland? What law texts were known to the jurists, and what were their relevances to them? How were difference rules reconciled? What could be the model of the digests’ thematic arrangement?

Apart from the PI, FLEXI will consist of four postdocs on linked data model, early Irish law, comparative legal history and Welsh law. Post openings will soon be advertised, please follow the(opens in a new window) UCDScoilGLCB Twitter account

Article: https://www.ucd.ie/research/news/2022/ercstartinggrantsawardedinsocialsciencesandhumanities/body,654690,en.html