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(opens in a new window)Dr Cathal Billings

  • The Irish Revival Period
  • The Gaelic Athletics Association and the Irish Language
  • The history of the Gaelic Athletics Association
  • Nationalism and language, cultural nationalism
  • The use of Irish in public
  • Nationalist societies and organisations and the Irish language
  • Translation and translation theory

(opens in a new window)Associate Professor Caoimhín Breatnach 

  • Early Modern Irish language, literature and metrics

(opens in a new window)Dr Tiber Falzett

  • Ethnographies of speaking (seanchas), aesthetics and sensory metaphor
  • Scottish Gaelic and Irish narrative and verbal art
  • Performance and representation of song, story, music and dance
  • Diasporic memory and creativity
  • Endangered and minoritised ethnolinguistic communities
  • Intersectionality, identity and modes of cultural expression
  • Contemporary folklife and everyday experience
  • Ethnoecology, interspecies relationships, and the supernatural

(opens in a new window)Dr Kelly Fitzgerald

  • The emergence and development of folklore
  • Memory and narrative
  • Oral History in an urban context
  • Analysis of the ethnographic and archival process
  • Oral tradition and the arts

(opens in a new window)Dr Darragh Gannon

  • Modern Irish History
  • Global Irish Studies
  • Irish Revolution
  • Irish Diaspora
  • Global/Transnational History
  • Museum Studies
  • Digital Humanities

Dr Fintan Keegan

  • Lámhscríbhinní malla Chúige Uladh agus Thuaisceart Laighean; 
  • Litríocht Oirialla agus na gceantar máguaird.  

(opens in a new window)Associate Professor Caoimhín Mac Giolla Léith

  • The language and literature of Modern Irish and Scottish Gaelic
  • Literary theory and criticism
  • Contemporary visual art

(opens in a new window)Dr Roisin McLaughlin

  • Early Irish language, literature and metrics
  • Latin-Irish texts
  • Palaeography 

(opens in a new window)Associate Professor Ríona Nic Congail

  • Irish Revival Period
  • History of Childhood and Youth
  • History of Education
  • Irish Women's History
  • Children's Literature
  • Irish Language Women's Literature
  • Contemporary Irish Language Literature
  • Utopian Studies
  • Minority Language Studies

(opens in a new window)Professor Meidhbhín Ní Úrdail

  • The Irish manuscript tradition
  • Ireland's vernacular written tradition from medieval times to the nineteenth century
  • Evidence for the dynamic role of the scribe as creator and re-creator of narrative in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Ireland
  • Narrative discourse and historical representation
  • The complementary relationship between script and print in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Ireland
  • Contemporary Irish writing and its heritage

(opens in a new window)Associate Professor Diarmuid Ó Sé

  • Gaelic dialects of Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man
  • Historical development of the language since c. AD 1200
  • The verbal systems of Irish and other Celtic languages
  • Pedagogical grammar of Irish
  • Language and literature of west Kerry
  • Accentuation, the vowel system of Irish, the 'autonomous verb', the dative singular forms of a-stems in -ch in Munster dialects; and the colour terms of Irish.
Staff member Fangzhe Qiu 2020 

(opens in a new window)Dr Fangzhe Qiu

  • Early Irish language, esp. its morphosyntax
  • Medieval Irish literature and the history of ideas
  • Early Irish law
  • Comparative historical linguistics
  • Corpus linguistics

(opens in a new window)Professor Regina Uí Chollatáin

  • The Revival Period - literature, journalism, criticism Irish journalism and media from 1795 to present day (print, broadcast, online)
  • Urban Irish writing 1700+ and Print Culture
  • Irish on Screen and Film Studies
  • Major historical figures of the Irish Revival period including in-depth analysis of Patrick Pearse
  • Trends in Donegal urban writing 1700-1900
  • Laois Heritage and James Fintan Lalor

(opens in a new window)Dr Aoife Whelan

  • Irish language media
  • The Irish Revival
  • Film studies
  • Philosophy of Irish-Ireland
  • Irish revolutionary history