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Student Societies 

Student societies strengthen the University's on-campus community and provide our students with opportunities to get to know students outside of their subject area. Of particular interest to students of our School may be: 

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Social Spaces

An Seomra Caidrimh for Modern Irish

Our School has a dedicated Irish-language student common room, an Seomra Caidrimh. Students from all disciplines are welcome to visit this room, have a cup of tea or coffee and practise their Irish with other students - even if they only have a couple of words.

Students are welcome to organise Irish language events in the Seomra Caidrimh but we ask that you first contact the Director of the Teanglann Eimhear Ní Dhuinn (opens in a new window)eimhear.nidhuinn@ucd.ie to ensure the Seomra Caidrimh is free.

The Seomra Caidrimh is located in B214 in the Newman Building.

An Seomra Caidrimh (B214)

Gaeltacht UCD

Gaeltacht UCD promotes the Irish language and culture on campus and facilitates all students and staff who wish to engage with the language.

The following might be of particular interest to our students:

 The Global Lounge

The Global Lounge is located under the Main Restaurant on campus next to the International Office. All students are welcome in the Global Lounge and student events are held in the Lounge from time to time.

Global Lounge UCD