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Multimedia Lab & An Seomra Caidrimh

Multimedia Lab & An Seomra Caidrimh

The living language

Welcome to the University’s Gaeltacht on the outskirts of Dublin City. You will get a taste for the Irish language in the Teanglann, in the multimedia resources and company in the Seomra Caidrimh.


An Teanglann:

You will be able to be part of vibrant interactive classes of students in small group settings with a friendly, helpful environment to support student learning.

  • Polish up their spoken Irish, both fluency and pronunciation
  • Develop their listening, understanding and communications skills 
  • Aquaint themselves with the dialects of the Irish language, idioms and sayings and this will help students with the vocab their own
  • Get to know their fellow students, make new friends and create an Irish speaking community of their own
  • Fantastic periods of time in the Irish speaking areas attending excellent immersion courses at Easter Time.
  •  Enjoy learning the language and the classes

The Seomra Caidrimh (B214) is the heart of the Irish language community in the building and is a home from home for many Irish-speaking students on campus. The Seomra Caidrimh is a great place to meet people and to practise your Irish in a relaxed environment with other students, no matter how much or how little you have. All are welcome to pop in, to have a cup of tea and to chat to us in Irish.

Students are encouraged to avail of our audiovisual learning materials pertaining to the Irish language, the traditional dialects, literature and Celtic language cultures. For a catalogue of these materials contact Director of the Teanglann (opens in a new window)eimhear.nidhuinn@ucd.ie or our Educational Technologist (opens in a new window)eoin.mcevoy@ucd.ie