The Irish Sports Monitor

Study Number (SN): 0050-05

Sport Ireland (2021). The Irish Sports Monitor, 2019 [dataset]. Version 1. Dublin: Irish Social Science Data Archive SN: 0050-05


The Irish Sports Monitor (ISM) is a large population study undertaken biennially in order to provide trends in participation in sport and physical activity in Ireland. It sets a broad definition of sport and measures participation in both active and social contexts (i.e. includes club membership, volunteering and attendance at sports events). It also measures other forms of physical activity including recreational walking as well as walking and cycling for transport.

Sport plays a variety of important roles in Ireland today. Participation in sport not only provides considerable physical benefits, but also enhances mental wellbeing. This report finds that most sports– even those that can be participated alone– are played in group environments providing a social outlet and a support network for individuals.

Social participation in sport is a key community bond. Sports clubs are at the heart of communities throughout Ireland and play a key role in bringing individuals together and forging community spirit. Three out of every five people in Ireland regularly participate in sport– either actively or socially. Ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to participate in sport, and is encouraged to take this opportunity, is a key vision. Considerable investments are made by Sport Ireland and other stakeholders in order to achieve this.


  • Sport
  • Exercise
  • Physical activities
  • Sports clubs
  • Sports spectatorship
  • Voluntary work
  • Investment in sport
  • Coaching and structured training
  • Wearable technology and physical activity



Representative sample of the population (aged 16+) in the Republic of Ireland

Observation units


Time dimension

Repeated cross-sectional study

Geographical coverage

Country: Ireland

Sampling procedure

The design of this wave of the ISM includes a change to the survey methodology in order to enhance the coverage of the population. Previous surveys were conducted by telephone using a random selection of landline telephone numbers and interviewing quotas to ensure a nationally representative sample of the Irish population. Since 2015, the survey sample has been expanded to include mobile telephone numbers in order to ensure that those in mobile-only households were adequately represented within the survey results.

Methods of data collection

CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing)


Data (available through ISSDA application process)

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Survey data – 2019





Documentation (available for download)

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Study report 2019



Questionnaire 2019






ISM 2019 | Sport Ireland


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Bibliographical citation

Sport Ireland (2019). The Irish Sports Monitor, 2017 [dataset]. Version 1. Dublin: Irish Social Science Data Archive SN: 0050-04  


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