Student Internships

During your second year in the BComm, you are invited to apply for a place on the Quinn Internship Programme – This year long (9-12 month) placement in an Irish or multinational company is an opportunity to put the theory of what is taught in the classroom into practice and gain valuable experience in a working environment.

Each year top performing students from the Bachelor of Commerce are accepted onto our Internship Programme - a credited nine to twelve month paid internship in one of a range of Irish and multinational companies.

The Internship Programme provides you with an opportunity to put theory and skills learned in the classroom into practice during your degree. Skills obtained from practical work experience are highly regarded by employers so this programme is of great benefit for future career prospects.

During the Programme students will register for an on-line reflective module designed to enhance the learning opportunities available throughout the year. Assessment will be structured and successful completion of the internship and academic module will be noted on your official transcript.

We have partnered with a range of companies from multinational professional services firms to local enterprises, to offer internships across a range of business disciplines. Our partners have recognised the high calibre of students coming from the School and increasingly consider internship opportunities as a fundamental part of their graduate recruitment strategy.

The internship is an optional programme which is open to penultimate year students on the Bachelor of Commerce and BSc Economics and Finance degree programmes. Successful candidates remain registered to their programme during the internship and by choosing this opportunity, increase the duration of their degree to four years. The internship is credit based and is therefore assessed by UCD.

  • Enhances your CV
  • Supports career decision-making
  • Develops new skills
  • Enables you to build your network
  • Enhances employment prospects
  • Develops an awareness of workplace culture

Recognizing the importance of broadening the range of opportunities available to students and the benefit of engaging with our community, the Quinn School recently launched two internship scholarship opportunities.

The Business and Society Internship Scholarship financially supports a student to complete their internship in the voluntary sector while the Quinn Enterprise Internship Scholarship supports an entrepreneurial student interested in completing their internship in the start-up sector.

Student Testimonials

Laura Blackwell, LinkedIn Intern

Before entering into my final year of Commerce at UCD I decided to participate in the internship programme and gain hands-on work experience with one of the world’s leading multinational IT companies.
Undertaking the year long internship was by far the most exciting, enjoyable and challenging aspect to my degree that I experienced to date. Working with talented and experienced individuals on a regular basis was a fantastic learning opportunity and enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of the industry and also gave me a real insight into how multinational organisations work.

During my time at LinkedIn as part of the Customer Success team I had the opportunity to bring some of the theory that I learned in college to life. I developed my skill set in many different areas such as event management, process design and implementation, communications, research analysis and presentation skills to name a few.

I was given the responsibility to lead and participate on a number of interesting projects that impacted the company at both a local and international level.

The internship program is a fantastic opportunity for any student to build their confidence and gain some real experience in the workplace. It is a great way to make connections and expand your professional network. Having completed the internship programme and now being back in final year I feel much better equipped for the working world.

Chloe Bolton, DDFH&B Intern

"Like many of my peers, I was unsure as to where I wanted to go after completing my Commerce degree. There were some things I was certain on, 1 accountancy and finance was not for me, 2 I loved people, project management and all marketing and strategy modules in University. The Quinn Internship programme gave me the opportunity to learn of an industry that had always grabbed my interest – Marketing and Advertising and how to adapt to new environments and develop myself personally and professionally. DDFH&B, one of the leading communications agencies in Ireland, immediately grabbed my attention. From day one I was made felt an integral part of the team, involved in curating competitor activity, handling accounts for many Irish brands such as SuperValu and exposed to all aspects of the exciting world of advertising, from online digital design and content management sites, strategic planning – core to developing a new brand campaign, production for TV, Radio and Outdoor. On a daily and weekly basis I liaised with clients, third parties and managed
projects throughout the agency from beginning to end, often finding myself in control of sound recordings and TV production. All responsibilities I relished and cherished. The 11 months was filled with excitement, I saw the ups and downs, ins and outs and loved every single minute of it. I grew tremendously as a person and leave university with a vast skillset and an abundance of confidence as a result of partaking in the programme. I came into my final year prepared and focused with a greater ability to manage, delegate and prioritise. I do not have a single regret and I would encourage everyone to take advantage of all such opportunities that present themselves throughout university.

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