SBBS is proud to welcome staff and students of all orientations and genders. However you identify - as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, gender fluid, or in any other way, please be assured that joining us means joining an inclusive and friendly community where you can thrive as yourself. We firmly believe that Equality, Diversity & Inclusion policies must be underpinned by recognition and appreciation for all staff and students: who they are and who they want to be.

To help ensure the comfort and safety of everyone in our School, SBBS staff undergo unconscious bias training to maximise their awareness of issues surrounding orientation and gender-expression. At University level, UCD ensures the interests and welfare of its LGBT+ community are at the heart of University policy making, with a dedicated LGBTI+ sub-group reporting to the main Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Group. You can learn more about their activities at In 2017, after extensive consultation with the University community and engaging expert guidance from the Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI), UCD implemented a Gender Identity and Expression Policy. The policy and its accompanying guidelines establish a range of practical measures to ensure all staff and students feel included and protected however they wish to express and identify themselves. Frontline staff receive training in this new policy, while one of the first measures enacted was the establishment of all-gender changing facilities and bathrooms across campus. You can learn more about the Gender Expression Working Group and access the documentation at 


Community Support

UCD LGBT Society LogoUCD LGBTQ+ Society: This is one of UCD’s most vibrant and active student societies, with a fully diverse range of officers and members. The society regularly organises both on- and off-campus events and is prominent in advocating for LGBTQ+ issues. For more information and links to a range of resources, visit their website at

UCDLGBTStaffNetwork-SBBS-18UCD LGBT+ Staff Network: This forum provides an informal grouping for LGBT+ staff members and those interested in LGBT+ issues. It provides a safe space to connect, socialise, and organise activities of interest to the community. You can learn more and make contact at


Equal Treatment and Equal Protection

Please be confident that SBBS takes any form of harassment or discrimination very seriously. If any student or staff member has concerns relating to LGBT+ issues or are experiencing/have experienced any instance of homophobia and/or transphobia they can approach any member of senior staff for confidential advice and support. In the first instance we advise they consult our Workplace Protection Policies page for an overview of the UCD polciies, protections, and procedures available to them. 


‌Additional Resources and Networks

500 Queer Scientists is an international visibiility campaign designed to raise the profile and achievements of LGBT+ people in STEMM and STEMM-related areas -

House of STEM is a community-led network of LGBTQ+ scientists in Ireland working to improve support, visibility, and representation -

Pride in STEM is run by an independent group of LGBT+ scientists and engineers from around the world showcasing and supporting LGBT+ people in all STEMM fields -

Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI)

LGBT Ireland offers information and resources for the LGBT+ community around the country. Visit

InterTech Ireland is a network for LGBTQ community working in the science/tech sector. They regularly run events surrounding community issues in tech and society. Visit