UCD Science: Industry Internship Programme


What are the Benefits for your Company?

Active engagement with industry or institutional partners is a key component of our courses and programmes. Most programmes have an accredited Internship as an embedded component of the course or voluntary summer internship. In both cases, students validate credits and the internship is formally assessed by a member of the Academic team.

This partnership provides you with a unique opportunity to establish links with UCD and source high caliber students in their penultimate or final year. 

Students from the following courses are available for internships:

Biomedical, Life Sciences and Chemistry

MSc Biotechnology (3-6 months) - from June onwards

MSc Toxicology and Regulatory Affairs (3-6 months) - from June onwards

BSc in Pharmacology, Microbiology, Genetics, Biochemistry or Neuroscience (6-months) - Third year students - from June to December

BSc Chemistry, Biophysical Chemistry, Environmental & Sustainable Chemistry or Medicinal Chemistry (3-months) - Third year students - from June to September

BSc Plant Biology, Cell and Mollecular Biology, Environmental Biology and Zoology (3-months) - Third year students - from June to September

Computer Science

MSc Computer Science (Negotiated Learning) - (3-6 months) - from June onwards

BSc in Computer Science, Data Science Stream (5-months) - end of March to end of August - Third Year students.

BSc in Computer Science (3-months) - June to September - Third year students.

Higher Diploma Computer Science (ICT Skills Conversion) - (3-6 months) - June onwards.

Energy, Climate and Environment

MSc Applied Environmental Science (2-months) - July to August.

MSc Global Change: Ecosystem Science and Policy (2 months) - starting in January.

MSc Climate Change: Science and Impacts (3-6 months)


MSc Space Science & Technology (3-months)
MSc in Nanotechnology (3-months

Interested in our Internship Programme? 


Carla Naltchayan
Internship Manager - College of Science
E: carla.naltchayan@ucd.ie | T: +353 (0)1 716 25 41 
Room H141, UCD O'Brien Centre for Science
Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland


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Students can be undergradautes or Masters students who would have graduated with a 2:1 in their primary degree and are highly skilled and motivated.

UCD Science Internship Programme provides companies with the opportunity to develop a pipeline of highly skilled graduates in the areas that they require, with minimum risk.

The UCD Science Internship Programme vary in duration from 3 to 6 months, starting at the end of May.

Master's interns have completed their study in UCD in September of each year and are available to remain with your company for an extended period beyond this time. The duration of this internship can be from three to six months, depending on the requirements of the employer.

This ensures that students are in a position to contribute to the company and carry out meaningful work. The internship is credit bearing for the student.

6-months placements are available for third year students within the following Schools: Biomolecular and Biomedical Science and Computer Science.

UCD Science will work closely with each industry or institutional partner to manage the Learning Outcomes which will ensure that the needs of both parties are met.

By facilitating a UCD Science Internship student, your company can develop a strong collaborative working relationship with UCD.

The UCD Industry Internship programme could provide your company with a simple, cost-effective way to meet short-term recruitment needs and research needs by providing you with an extra resource.

The role of the company is to provide the student with a meaningful industry internship, which complements their education and broadens their skillset.

Your expectation of the student should not differ from that of any other employee and we ask that you provide a safe, relevant and challenging work environment.

Yes, all internships come under a standard UCD Internship Agreement, which will be signed by the University and the internship provider. This agreement will be sent to you once you have appointed an intern and must be returned prior to the intern commencing the internship.

We recommend that students are paid at least minimum wage. We have found that the level of pay can impact an employer’s degree of success in recruiting the best candidate.

No, there are no work permits required for international students (non EU/EEA citizens) who wish to undertake an internship in Ireland. Students enrolled on degree programmes are allowed to undertake an internship where this forms part of their course.

For more information, read the New Immigration Regime For Full Time Non-EEA Students (pdf).

The host company will be expected to have in place appropriate insurance cover in relation to their use of interns.

June – August: Initial Contact

Companies are contacted by the UCD Science Internship Manger to arrange student internships for the academic year 2015/16.


September: Student Preparation an Industry Internship Specifications Submitted

Companies submit their internship specifications to UCD Science Internship Manager. Students are briefed and prepared for the Industry internship application process.


October: Application Procedure Begins

Student applications are submitted to companies.


November: Application Shortlisting and Interviewing by Companies

Companies shortlist applications they have received and interview students. Where possible, interviews should be undertaken prior to December, as students will have exams in December.


December – February: Signing of Internship Agreements

Contracts and agreements are finalised and signed by UCD and Host Company.


May – August: Industry Internship Commences