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UCD College of Science Global Engagement

Global engagement in the College of Science is led by Professor Eleni Mangina. Throughout the 2022/23 academic year, the College Global Engagement Group commenced implementation of their strategy, alongside formulating the first regional strategies for China and Africa. The College participated enthusiastically in recruitment fairs in India and North America and conducted a lecture series in high schools across multiple countries. Travel to the Asia-Pacific region, the UAE, India, North America, and South Africa to enhance collaborations was also a central aspect of the global engagement activities, helping grow the international reputation of the College through the establishment of several new partnership agreements. 

Professor Jeremy Simpson
Dean of Science and College Principal
UCD College of Science

College of Science GEG Resources

  1. Objective 1: Identify global partners that share our commitment to Science for meaningful, scalable and sustainable partnerships 
    The College of Science is dedicated to forging strategic alliances to deliver global impact by identifying and collaborating with partners who share our commitment to science for meaningful, scalable, and sustainable partnerships. Through these partnerships, we aim to translate teaching and research excellence into tangible health, environmental and societal impacts at a global scale.
  2. Objective 2: Increase the diversity of the College of Science community 
    By enhancing diversity across the College community with a targeted focus on undergraduate global student recruitment and postgraduate student mobility programmes, the College aims to cultivate a vibrant and inclusive environment where students from diverse backgrounds thrive and contribute to society.
  3. Objective 3: Strengthen existing successful partnerships and explore opportunities to develop new and innovative degree programmes with a global focus
    The College is pioneering innovative global partnerships in degree programmes and is committed to developing and strengthening innovative strategic alliances. By embracing opportunities for collaboration on a global scale, the aim is to enrich the academic experience for our students and foster cross-cultural learning and exchange.
  4. Objective 4: Grow funding opportunities and scholarships 
    In alignment with our commitment to diversity and inclusion, the College aspires to grow funding opportunities and scholarships, particularly in regions such as the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. These initiatives enhance diversity across undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, ensuring equitable access to education for talented individuals worldwide.

Prof. Jeremy Simpson Dean and College Principal College of Science
Prof. Eleni Mangina VP (International) Represents the College on the University GEG Team School of Computer Science
Assoc. Prof. Marcus Baumann VP (Learning Abroad) School of Chemistry
Jamie Wells  Senior Programme Manager (International/Study Abroad) College of Science
Eoin Taaffe Programme & Operations Manager (International Student Recruitment) College of Science
Dr Joanna Kacprzyk School GE Representative School of Biology and Environmental Science
Dr David Hughes School GE Representative School of Biomolecular and Biomedical Science
Associate Prof. Marcus Baumann School GE Representative School of Chemistry
Dr Avishek Nag School GE Representative School of Computer Science
Associate Prof. Tom Manzocchi School GE Representative School of Earth Sciences
Dr James Herterich School GE Representative School of Mathematics and Statistics
Associate Prof. James Rice School GE Representative School of Physics

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UCD College of Science

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