Exchange and Erasmus Opportunities for UCD Science Students


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Images show,  top left: Melbourne, Australia. Top right: Copenhagen, Denmark. Bottom image: Washington, USA.

Every year students from UCD Science avail of the opportunity to study for a trimester or academic year in one of our partner institutions.

In UCD Science Stage 3 students have the opportunity to study abroad at another University where UCD has an Erasmus or exchange agreement and has been deemed a good academic fit. This provides students with an invaluable opportunity to experience Science in a variety of cultural contexts. For more information on which institutions have been decided as good academic fits for the Science Schools please see Where Can I go on Exchange on the UCD Global website.

Students should have a GPA of 3.0 or above, and successfully have completed 60 credits in Stage 2 prior to going on exchange.

Information on Exchanges can be found below, but all applications are dealt with by UCD Global.

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Erasmus exchanges are subject-specific, so the subjects you are studying will determine where you can go.  See Where Can I Go? for a list of partner universities that you can apply to and When Can I Go? to find out when you should apply.

Contact the Erasmus academic co-ordinator in your School(s) for information on the partner universities and the nomination process. Please see the contact listed under your School

If you would like to apply for any of the ‌open Erasmus places, co-ordinated by UCD Global, please use the online application form, which is under the Application menu on SISweb.

Students registered with UCD ALL, for disability support, who are considering going on Erasmus should look at MappED!, a website where you can check the accessibility of EU colleges.

UCD Science students can go on Non-EU Exchange to one of our partner universities worldwide.  

Please see Where Can I Go? to see a list of universities that you can apply to and When Can I Go? to find out when you should apply.

Application Process

  • Fill in the online application form, which is available under the Application menu on SISweb.
  • Applications are assessed primarily on academic merit. Science Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • Students need to research modules available in partner institutions and compare them with the stage 3 modules available in UCD. Once equivalent Core/ Option modules in the partner institution have been identified, you need to complete the Module Approval Form (available from UCD Global) and approach the relevant academic for approval. If you have yet to be assigned to your Subject Major, please be aware that you may need to complete more than one Course Approval form. For students wishing to go on Erasmus/ Exchange in the Autumn Trimester, before the student has been assigned to their Subject Major, you may need to complete more than one subject specific Module Approval form.
  • If a student spends a single trimester (either the Autumn Trimester or the Spring trimester) on exchange, then only the credits earned in UCD will contribute towards a Stage 3 GPA. The block of credit earned while on exchange will be GPA neutral.
  • If a student successfully completes all of Stage 3 while on exchange, their degree GPA will be calculated on Stage 4 only.
  • If a student has been on exchange for a full academic year and opts to exit with the 180 credit BSc (General Science), their degree GPA will be calculated on the basis of Stages 1 and 2).
  • More information on Degree GPA calculation can be found here.

For further information on Erasmus/Non-EU Exchange Programmes, visit the UCD Global website or contact: