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Registration Queries

The Science Office staff will assist you with registration and programme queries as they arise. If you wish to contact a member of staff about your registration, please use the  UCD Science Contact Form .
During the online registration period in each trimester, students can make amendments to their module registration in SISweb. If you encounter any issues or need to make changes to your Subject/Stream or Major registration, please complete the relevant forms available under the ' Request to Change Subject/Stream or Major' section.

The Science Registration Issues Form should be used when online registration closes. Please note that a request to add modules to your record after the online registration window closes will require written permission from the Module Co-ordinator.

Registration Issues Form

Please contact your School Office if you wish to change a lab or tutorial time which has been allocated to you.

If a repeat module clashes with a core module from the next stage of your degree programme, you will need to request written permission from the Module Coordinator of your repeat module to override this schedule conflict. 
Once received please submit the permission email via the Registration Issues Form > Select "I am requesting to register to repeats that are clashing" and we will make the necessary changes to your registration.  

What is RPL?

Recognition of Prior and Concurrent Learning (RPL) is defined as: “a process by which learning is formally identified, assessed and given a value”. 

  • RPL encompasses all forms of prior and concurrent learning, including learning acquired by following a course of study (i.e., formal learning), learning acquired outside of the formal education system which may not lead to certification (i.e., non-formal learning) and learning acquired through experience.
  • Prior learning refers to learning achieved prior to admission to a programme of study.
  • Concurrent learning refers to learning that has been completed outside of the programme after the student has been admitted to the programme.

Students are entitled to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Applications for RPL for Science, Computer Science and Actuarial & Financial Studies are approved at the discretion of the Science Programme Board. For Bachelor level programmes, the maximum amount of credit will normally be 50% of the whole programme of study. Please submit your request using the online Recognition of Prior Learning Application Form. You will be contacted by the College Office if further information or clarification on the application is required.

An application for RPL should be made as early as possible and preferably before you commence the relevant module/stage/programme. An application for RPL relating to a particular module should be submitted before the third week of the semester in which it is offered. Applications made after this date will only be accepted at the discretion of the Board governing your programme.

You can view the Recognition of Prior Learning policy online

If you submit an RPL application relating to a particular module(s) after the module(s) has commenced you should register for, attend and participate in the module(s) until you are informed of the decision of the Board governing your programme. If your application is not successful, you are responsible for all assessments associated with the module(s).

You may expect to hear of the outcome or status of your application typically within four weeks of submitting it. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. It is your responsibility as an applicant to ensure you supply all necessary supporting evidence and documentation and sign the form as required.

Additional Information:
External Transfer Applicants information on eligibility can be found on the UCD Registry website

The Academic Regulations can be viewed online

Reduced Workload

Where students find that they are unable to complete the credits required for the current or next stage of their programme in a standard two-trimester period due to extenuating circumstances, they should first contact their Head of Subject or the Associate Dean in Science (asdean.science@ucd.ie) to discuss the option of a reduced workload.

A reduced workload is normally approved for medical or other circumstances and it allows the student to complete a stage (or stages) of their programme within a timeframe which extends beyond the standard academic year.

Please contact your Head of Subject or Associate Dean to discuss this option. The Head of Subject or Associate Dean should email you confirmation of their support for this request and provide you with a registration plan which will outline the modules you should take in each trimester to complete this stage of the degree programme.

The Board will also require supporting evidence (e.g. Medical Cert or a letter of support from Student Support Services (SU, Student Adviser, Student Health Services or the Chaplaincy Services) to approve this request.

Once you have received written confirmation of support from the Head of Subject or Associate Dean, please complete the application form to process this request. You will need to contact the College Office to access the form. 

 High Performance Athletes

High performance athletes who may require a reduced workload due to commitments associated with high performance sport should refer to the  High Performance Athlete Academic Flexibility Policy in the first instance.  They should then discuss a reduced workload plan with their Head of Subject or the Associate Dean and on receipt of written confirmation of academic support, they should proceed to complete the  application form. You will need to contact the  College Office to access the form. 

Leave of Absence Requests

Students who need to take a period of leave from their programme for personal or other reasons can apply for a Leave of Absence. You should speak with your Student Adviser or a member of staff in the College Office before you submit an application requesting this leave. The application can be submitted via SISweb/Programme Services/My Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Requests. Further information on completing the application form is available from the Current Student website.

Please note that students who are in the first term of their programme (Stage 1 students or external transfer students in the first term of their UCD programme) are not eligible for a Leave of Absence. Students who find that personal circumstances are impacting their studies should contact the College Office further advice on their options.

Retrospective Leave of Absence Requests

Applications submitted for a Leave of Absence after Week 8 of the teaching term is considered retrospective and supporting documentation is required to support these requests. Students must speak with a Student Adviser, a member of staff in the College Office or seek academic advice before they submit a retrospective application. A retrospective application cannot be submitted via SISweb and you will need to contact the College Office to access the Retrospective Leave of Absence Application form.

Withdrawal from your Programme

Students who decide to withdraw from their programme of study should speak with a Student Adviser or a member of staff in the College Office before they finalise their decision. During the first Teaching Term of the academic year (Autumn) a student can withdraw up until the end of Week 8 and this will not incur fees. Applications submitted after this date will have fee implications. Students can withdraw up until the 31st January to ensure that further fees are not incurred for the Spring trimester.

The application can be submitted via SISweb/Programme Services/My Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Requests. 

Information on fee deadlines and how to withdraw from your programme is available from the Current Student website.

Retrospective Withdrawal Requests

Students who submit an application to withdraw from their programme after Week 8 of the Autumn Teaching term will be liable for fees. If you were unable to meet the deadline due to medical circumstances, you may submit a retrospective withdrawal request which will require supporting documentation (e.g. medical cert, letter from UCD Support Services). A retrospective withdrawal request cannot be submitted via SISweb and you will need to contact the College Office to access the Retrospective Withdrawal Application form.

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