Stage 3 Subject Selection

Students selection their Stage 3 major and modules in September.  Please see Key Dates on the UCD Current Students' website for further details.

Students whose first preference was Pharmacology or Neuroscience were asked to complete an online form in April 2020.  These students have been notified about the allocation of Pharmacology and Neuroscience places for 2020-2021. 


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Due to the pressure of laboratory space, certain majors have restricted places, specifically Pharmacology and Neuroscience.  With 27 degree majors available, most (usually >98%), if not all, students progressing to Stage 3 will be given their first preference.

If the demand for a degree major (e.g. Pharmacology or Neuroscience) exceeds the number of places available, places will be allocated to progressing students based on the student's Stage 2 performance, including number of credits and GPA.

Joint Majors comprising a pairing of some subjects may be taken. The choice of subjects is contingent on the approval of the Schools concerned. Not all combinations may be available. For the academic year 2020-2021 Joint Majors may be available in the following subject areas.

From the School of Mathematics and Statistics in any combination between the following subjects:

  • Applied & Computational Mathematics
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics

Joint Major Degrees may be available in:

  • Physics

Students can make changes to major and module registration during the online registration period for the autumn trimester. Before you make changes to your major registration, please contact the Science Programme Office for advice.