Information on BSc (General Science)


This information is relevant to all current science students.

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The BSc (General Science) Degree is a level 8 honours degree. Students are eligible to exit with the BSc (General Science) Degree upon successfully completing Stages 1 – 3 of the BSc degree programme. Information on degree levels can be found on the Academic Secretariat Website.

Students who do not achieve a Stage 3 GPA of 2.48 or higher will be automatically put forward for the BSc (General Science) Degree.

Students who progress to Stage 4 of their degree are eligible to request permission to exit the programme with a BSc (General Science) Degree. 

The degree GPA for the three year BSc (General Science) degree programme will be calculated over Stages 3 and 2 (70% on Stage 3 and 30% on Stage 2). 

If a student wishes to exit with a BSc (General Science) degree then they should be complete the form below.

UCD Science Request to Exit with BSc General Science

Students who decide to exit with a BSc (General Science) degree, after commencing Stage 4 of their degree, may still be affected by the normal fee implications of withdrawing from a programme in a given academic year. Information on the deadlines for withdrawal from programme can be found on the Fees & Grants website

Students who opt to withdraw from their degree at the end of Stage 3, and exit with their BSc (General Science) degree, would not normally be eligible to return to the fourth year of their degree at a later date.

If a student wishes to return to Stage 4 in a subsequent year, and if they have achieved the required Stage 3 GPA, then they should not graduate with a BSc (General Science) degree but should instead investigate the UCD Policy on Leave of Absence.

Please be aware that it can take approximately 3 to 4 weeks to fully process a request to exit with a BSc (General Science) degree. Students who require transcripts for the BSc (General Science) degree for the purposes of a further application (e.g. for the CAO, postgraduate study) should allow for this processing time when making their request. This period may be extended during busy times of the year such as registration and the the examination period (including final release of results). 

Information on conferring ceremonies for Science can be found at the website for the UCD Conferring Unit.

Please note if a student would like to graduate with all other undergraduate Science students for that year then their application should to be submitted to the Science Programme Office at least a month before the relevant ceremony.