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About the Co-Lead toolkit

The UCD Co-Lead Toolkit is a series of modules designed to enhance collective leadership among multidisciplinary healthcare teams. The modules take the form of group workshops, each lasting approximately one hour. There are six core modules, which should be undertaken first, to introduce the principles and outcomes of collective leadership, and provide tools to achieve them. Teams may then choose from thirteen targeted modules which focus on specific areas for improvement, based on what they feel is needed.

Getting started

Please click on the sections below to explore the toolkit modules. Each module page has information and a link where you can download the corresponding module package. The module packages contain information for facilitators, a session outline, and handouts where applicable. In some cases, there are also download links for other materials such as presentations or tools for use during the session.

You can also directly download the Core Co-Lead Toolkit Package containing the six core toolkit modules, and the Targeted Co-Lead Toolkit Package which contains the thirteen targeted modules. Additionally, please click on the image below to watch a series of videos introducing Co-Lead and the six core toolkit modules.

Overview video image


Targeted Co-Lead modules

About Us

Collective Leadership and Safety Cultures (Co-Lead) is a 5-year programme in UCD that is researching the impact of an emerging model of leadership (collective leadership) on team performance and healthcare safety.

We are designing and implementing collective leadership interventions for different team types and testing the impact of these interventions on staff performance and patient safety.

Contact Us

Co-Lead Research Programme,
School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems,
Room B113, Health Sciences Centre,
University College Dublin
Belfield, Dublin 4.