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MA in Irish Studies

MA in Irish Studies

The MA in Irish Studies is an interdisciplinary programme aimed at graduates of areas which encompass studies in history, society, language, literature and cultural practice. The programme is aimed at national and international students with an interest in literary origins and contemporary literature and media, film and popular tradition, Irish heritage and society in a global context. The aim of this programme is to enhance understanding of literature, culture, identity and societal structures which emphasise the importance and role of the Irish people and Irish society in a national and global context.

Central to the course is the analysis of the complex processes through which Ireland and Irish identities have been constructed.  The programme’s educational values are centred on the promotion of a spirit of enquiry regarding the nature, persistence and dynamics of history, culture and heritage in everyday life. The use of archival sources, familiarity with archival processes, and fieldwork are integral to the programme. Teaching is carried out in lectures, in small-group tutorials, and in seminar-style participatory classes. A series of seminars delivered by guest lecturers introduces students to current research by experts in their fields. Students are encouraged to make use of digital archive resources in their research and learning

Assessments take the form of written examinations, individual research projects, in-semester essays and exams, and oral presentations. They also include assignments and substantial dissertations which give students the opportunity to formulate their own research questions, engage with primary sources, pursue topics using archival data-sets, and produce original research.

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International Scholarships offered for MA in Irish Studies: Click here for more information

The deadline for the first round of applications for the 2017-18 programme is 1 February 2017. Candidates will be informed of the outcome of their application by 1 May 2017.