Charging Lockers

Charging Lockers

UCD Library provides charging lockers for our users across all library sites.

Users are responsible for their devices in the charging lockers. UCD Library is not responsible for personal theft and / or personal liability and is not responsible for lost or stolen items.



  1. TO START press Blue “Charge & Sanitize” button.
  2. Choose a locker number & press #.
  3. Enter 4-digit PIN code and press # to confirm.
  4. Re-Enter 4-digit PIN code again and press # to confirm.
  5. Door will open, Plug in your Mobile Phone and close door.

To Retrieve:

  1. Press Red “Retrieve” button to retrieve.
  2. Please select your locker number.
  3. Enter your 4-digit PIN code and press #.
  4. Door opens, Unplug in your Mobile Phone.
  5. Close the locker door.

charging locker


  • 3 x Industrial-grade Braided Charging Cables in (Micro-USB / Lightning / USB Type-C) in each bay.
  • Fast Charging in each bay (charging Output: 5V/2.4A Max).
  • PIN Code Locking System with Audio Assistant Guide.
  • The two bottom lockers facilitate tablet charging.


James Joyce Library – Level 1 and Level 2
Health Sciences Library - Print / Copy Room
Vet Library - Lower Ground Floor
Richview Library - Ground Floor
Blackrock Library - Ground Floor


If any issues arise while you are using the equipment or you forget your unique PIN code, please bring it to the attention of library staff immediately at the library information desk or by emailing us at