PHASE 3 (June 29) UPDATE: James Joyce Library continues to reopen on a phased basis, with limited services for university staff, research and taught postgraduates. Advance registration is required. There is no access for other user groups at this time. See full details at



For standard loans and returns, users should use the self service option is available in each of our libraries. Self-Service machines allow you to borrow, return or re-issue books to your account. They are especially useful when the Library is open as a “reading room only” service. Please ask for a demonstration if you need assistance in using the machines.

Why is it important to get a receipt? 

  • It is a record of the item you borrowed, renewed or returned.
  • It tells you when the item is due back.
  • Printing your receipt closes your account so that no one else can borrow a book under your name by mistake.

Where are the Self-Service machines located? 

James Joyce Library

Returns for Short Loan or 4-Here items: Use the Short Loan Self-Service return slot to the left of the Services Desk. When items are returned here, the loan is cancelled, and your account is cleared.

Health Sciences Library

One machine on the ground level adjacent to the Loans desk. This machine allows you to borrow, return and/or renew items.

Veterinary Medicine Library

One machine adjacent to the Loans/Information desk, allowing borrowing, returning and renewal of items. Short Loans and Reserve collection items must be returned to the desk and cannot be renewed.

Blackrock Library

One machine adjacent to the Service Desk and near the entrance/exit allowing borrowing, returning and renewal of items.

Richview Library

One machine near the entrance/exit to the Library allowing borrowing, returning and/or renew items.

How do I use the Self-Service machines? 

The Self-Service machines are very easy to use. The on screen instructions provide step by step assistance. If you have any problems using them, ask a member of staff for help.

Why is the Self-Service machine not working for me? 

There are a number of reasons why this may happen including when:

  • Items on your account are overdue.
  • Fines on your account are more than €10.00.
  • Items on your account have been recalled for another user.
  • Items on your account have already been renewed as often as is allowed.
  • Your student/staff ID card is damaged or has a faded barcode.
  • The barcode on the book needs to be replaced. Please bring this item to a Loans desk.
  • You are returning a book from another UCD Library. Please place it in the bookdrop instead.
  • Some items can only be issued or returned by Library staff. These include Inter-Library Loans and items that have been reserved by another user. Please return these items to a Loans desk.