Using Library PCs

Using Library PCs

Find out about PCs available to you in our libraries, where they are and how to use them.

Using Library PCs

We offer a number of PCs that are maintained by the Library. These Library Search Station PCs:

  • Provide access to our catalogue and e-resources
  • Are connected to printers

IT Services PCs

There are a number of IT Services Computers across campus, some of which are located in our Libraries. Visit IT Services website for information on where to find a free computer.

Visit IT Services web pages to find out:

Where are the PCs?

James Joyce Library
Health Sciences Library

The printer for all Library PCs is located in Copier/Printer Room on Level 1.

  • 2 Library Search Station PCs on the Ground floor.
    See Ground Floor floorplan for locations.
  • 4 Library Search Station PCs on Level 1.
    1 IT Services Computer Lab on Level 1.
    See Level 1 floorplan for locations
Richview Library
  • 5 PCs, 1 Library Search Station PC.
  • 1 CD-ROM PC.
  • 1 Map PC with access to OSi and rural map.

See Ground Floor floorplan and Upper Floor floorplan for locations.

Blackrock Library
  • 3 Library Search Station PCs on the Ground Floor.
    See Ground Floor floorplan for locations.
  • 1 Library Search Station PC on the Mezzanine.
Veterinary Medicine Library