Problems Finding Items

Problems Finding Items

As well as items out on loan, books not yet fully processed and those in store require you to take special steps to obtain them. We also have a general query form where you cannot find an item on the shelf where it should be.

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New items just arrived in the Library are listed on the catalogue as ‘in processing’ until they are ready to go on the shelves. Let us know if you need such an item urgently and we will process it for you by the next working day.

The book I want is listed on the catalogue as 'in processing' and lacks a shelfmark. What does this mean? 

When a new book arrives in the Library it takes some time to get it ready to go out on the shelf. Until it is ready it is listed on the catalogue as ‘in processing’.

Can I borrow an 'in processing' book? 

Yes. Fill out a Query Form and hand it in at the information desk. Or use the online query form below. We will process the book and it should be ready for you to collect at the Loans Desk after lunch on the next working day.

These forms are available at any Service Desk.

What if I cannot come back the next day to get the book? 

We will hold the book for you at the desk for five days. After that it will go out on the open shelves.

Some library materials are not held on open shelves, but are located in stores. To view or borrow this material you will need to request it on our catalogue and we will retrieve it for you.

The book I want has a shelfmark listed as Store or External Store. What does this mean?

It is not possible for us to keep every item we have out on the open shelves. Some items, including theses, low demand books and older books are put in a store. This area can be accessed by Library staff only.

How long will it take to get the item? 

Items should be available the following day.

How do I get a book from the Stores? 

You need to "request it" on our catalogue, using the button provided there.

What if I cannot come back tomorrow to get the book? 

We will hold items from store for five days before we return them to store.

Can I take store items out of the Library? 

Most items in store can be borrowed. Most are long loan items but there are some which are Short Loan.

Sometimes the item you are looking for can’t be found on the shelf. When this happens there are a few other places you can check. You can also fill in a Query Form and we will try to find it for you.

I can’t find the item I am looking for, what should I do?

  • Check on the catalogue to see if the item is out on loan to someone else - you will see a due date given if that is the case.
  • Check the re-shelving areas. These are located in all our libraries and are where books are taken before they are finally re-shelved.
  • Re-check the shelves again after a few hours or the next day. Another reader may have been using the item within the Library.
  • Fill in our online query form OR fill in a paper query form and hand it in at a service desk. You can get these at any Library desk.
  • Alternatively, check the catalogue to see if there are copies of this item in another collection (eg. Short Loan Collection, 4-Here Collection, etc.) or if it is held in one of our other libraries.

I filled in a Query Form. What happens next?

We will look for the item for you, and e-mail the outcome to you.  If we find the item, we will hold it for you at the relevant Service Desk for five days, after which it will be returned to the shelves if not collected.

Please use this form if you cannot find an item on the shelves or if you want to borrow a book that is in processing.