Study Rooms and Zones

Study Rooms and Zones

There are quiet study spaces and social study areas located in all of our libraries. We also provide bookable group study rooms and 'Zoom Rooms'.

Non-bookable study seats can be found in all our libraries, including in the James Joyce Library on Level 2, the new Level 3, Level 4 and the Hub areas on Level 1.

Soon you will be able to reserve some study seats in advance. See our booking system at

Group Study Rooms are only available via booking

These rooms are available throughout our libraries. These rooms must be booked at See our Explore interactive floor plans for locations.

In James Joyce Library there are 13 single study rooms available for use by UCD research postgraduates, which can be booked online. Unfortunately, these are not available to occasional students.

Key points

  • 13 individual study rooms are available in James Joyce Library.
  • These rooms are only available to postgraduates.
  • Rooms are allocated for a week at a time.
  • Normal Library regulations apply to these rooms, but also read and follow the study room regulations.

Booking individual study rooms

  • Rooms may be booked for a week at a time, as well as for the following week if available.
  • All bookings are made through SISWeb - the booking option appears under Campus Facilities.
  • Keys may be collected from the Level 1 Service Desk in the James Joyce Library from 10.00 on Monday mornings.
  • Please return room keys to the service desk during Level 1 Service Desk hours by 12pm on the following Monday or before, even if you have a confirmed booking for the same room the following week.

The Postgraduate Research Centre (PRC) is located in the James Joyce Library.  Places are booked using an online system.

What is the Postgraduate Research Centre (PRC)? 

  • A quality research space available to registered postgraduate students. Unfortunately it is not available to Occasional students.
  • The PRC is located on Level 2 of the James Joyce Library.
  • Spaces can be booked for one week at a time.

What does it provide access to? 

  • 14 individual workstations all with networked desktop facilities.
  • 2 dedicated spaces for laptop users.
  • Network printing.

How can I book a place or gain other access to this space? 

  • Bookings are made for one week at a time.
  • All bookings are made through SISWeb - the booking option appears under Campus.
  • Access to the PRC space is controlled by an electronic keypad. The access code will be included in your confirmation email. 

Social study areas do not need to be booked


James Joyce Library has a number of social study areas on Level 1 and on the newly refurbished Level 3.

The Library Hub and Hub 2 are areas where users can chat and relax, or study in a social ambience.

There are also 3 glass-fronted Link rooms on JJL Level 1. These are used for classes, and by the Maths and Writing support services. But when they are not in use for that, they are open to all users to study alone or in groups - and again quiet talking is allowed in these rooms.

The newly refurbished Level 3 was opening in September 2023. This floor offers a variety of study spaces, including social study areas.