PHASE 3 (June 29) UPDATE: James Joyce Library continues to reopen on a phased basis, with limited services for university staff, research and taught postgraduates. Advance registration is required. There is no access for other user groups at this time. See full details at

Study Rooms and Zones

Study Rooms and Zones

There are quiet study spaces located all around our libraries. In addition to these we have a number of special study rooms and zones detailed below.

Available at all of our libraries - more information and booking here.

In James Joyce Library there are 34 single study rooms available for use by UCD research postgraduates, which can be booked online. Some are now also available to taught postgraduates. Unfortunately, these are not available to occasional students.

Key points

  • 34 individual study rooms are available in James Joyce Library.
  • All are available to research postgraduates for booking.
  • A limited number are now available to taught postgraduates for booking.
  • Rooms are allocated for a week at a time.
  • Normal Library regulations apply to these rooms, but also read and follow the study room regulations.
  • Open quiet study spaces are located on Level 2 of the James Joyce Library.

Booking individual study rooms

  • Rooms may be booked for a week at a time, as well as for the following week if available.
  • All bookings are made through SISWeb - the booking option appears under Campus Facilities.
  • Keys may be collected from the Level 1 Service Desk in the James Joyce Library from 9.30 on Monday mornings.
  • Please return room keys on time to the Service Desk on Level 1 by 13.00 on Saturdays, the final return date, or before, even if you have a confirmed booking for the following week.

The Postgraduate Research Centre (PRC) is located in the James Joyce Library.  Places are booked using an online system.

What is the Postgraduate Research Centre (PRC)? 

  • A quality research space available to registered postgraduate students. Unfortunately it is not available to Occasional students.
  • The PRC is located on Level 2 of the James Joyce Library.
  • Spaces can be booked for one week at a time.

What does it provide access to? 

  • 35 individual workstations all with networked desktop facilities.
  • 4 dedicated spaces for laptop users.
  • A meeting room for collaborative study with phone and network connections.
  • Network printing.
  • Locker facilities.

How can I book a place or gain other access to this space? 

  • Bookings are made for one week at a time.
  • All bookings are made through SISWeb - the booking option appears under Campus.
  • Access to the PRC space is controlled by an electronic keypad. The access code will be included in your confirmation email.
  • Casual Spaces - The access code is also given to eligible users who have not been able to book a space, but who can make use of unoccupied work-stations. This is on the understanding that, when required, they vacate the space in favour of the user who has booked it. 

Lockers - Conditions of Use 

These conditions are in place to ensure fair and equitable use of this service.

  • Lockers are available with weekly bookings only, and not with casual bookings.
  • Where possible, locker key numbers correspond with the workstation number booked.
  • Please ensure that Library material placed in your locker is on loan to you.
  • Empty your locker and return the key to the Information Desk, Level 2 at the end of each week.
  • Alternatively place the key in the “drop box” on the wall beside the Information Desk.
  • Empty your locker at the end of the week. Library staff will empty all unemptied lockers on Monday mornings before the beginning of the next booking period.
  • The Library reserves the right to check your locker at any time.
  • Items cleared from lockers will be available for collection from the Level 2 Information Desk. 

The James Joyce Library provides a designated e-device free zone.  Study spaces in that area are designed to provide a silent place to work where you will not be disturbed by computers or conversation.

Laptops, mobile devices and personal music players may not be used in this electronic device free zone.

This area of desks is located on Level 2.

James Joyce Library has a number of social study areas on Level 1 - the ground floor.

The Library Hub and Hub2 are areas where users can chat and relax, or study in a social ambience.

There are also 3 glass-fronted Link rooms on the same floor. These are used for classes, and by Maths and Writing support services. But when they are not in use for that, they are open to all users to study alone or in groups - and again quiet talking is allowed in these rooms.

Link 4 is open on Level 2 of the James Joyce Library near the Law collection, and like the other Links, can be used for individual or group study. This space also includes 18 power sockets for your devices.

photo of Link 4 in the JJL

The Pod

The Pod is an enclosed space also located on Level 2 near the Exhibitions Area. This space seats between three and eight students, includes power sockets and is for collaborative study only. This space can be booked online via our Online Tools page.

Photo of the Pod collaborative space