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Special Teaching Collections

Special Teaching Collections

Multiple copies of books in demand, or on reading lists, are often placed in the Short Loan Collection(SLC). You can borrow three items from the SLC. Other copies of these essential textbooks may also be available in the 4Here Collection for Library Use only or the General Collection for longer loan.

What is the Short Loan Collection (SLC)? 

The SLC holds extra copies of many of the essential texts on undergraduate reading lists. To ensure that other users have the opportunity to borrow these books, and to encourage the prompt return of this material, Library fines are charged for late returns.

Additional copies of these essential textbooks may be available in the General Collection.

How many books can I borrow from SLC? 

You may borrow three items from the SLC.

How long is a Short Loan? 

Books can be borrowed for 7 days.

How do I borrow and return a SLC book? 

Self-Service machines are in use in all five UCD libraries.  If you experience any difficulty in this self service, please check with staff at the Information desk in the library.

In the James Joyce Library you can self-issue the items but you return your book to the Express Return box. The book is taken off your account immediately.

What happens if I return the item late? 

Short Loan items are in high demand, therefore fines are very high.

  • Late return - €2.00 per day
  • up to a maximum of €50.00.

Can I renew or request a SLC book? 

No, SLC items cannot be renewed or requested, as they are books that are either in high demand or may be on reading lists. You could check to see if an additional copy is available in the General Collection.

High demand and reading list titles may be available for use in the library only, and are not for loan.  Other copies may also be available in the Short Loan Collection.

What is the 4-Here Collection? 

  • Items that are in very high demand at certain times of the year for Library use only.
  • These items can only be used within the holding library, and in the Short Loan Area in the James Joyce Library.
  • Additional copies may be available in the Short Loan or Long Loan Collections.

Where is the 4-Here Collection located? 

In the James Joyce Library it is located in the Short Loan Collection area. In other site libraries please enquire at the Information Desk.