Our History

After the 2004/2005 university-wide restructuring, the School was first formed when five previous individual departments (French; German; Spanish & Portuguese; Italian; Near Eastern Languages) joined together with Film Studies to form the School of Languages, Literatures and Film. One year later, Film Studies joined the School of English and Drama Studies, and the School became the School of Languages and Literatures.

Soon afterwards, the Near Eastern Languages section was closed. During the 2015 restructuring by President Deeks, the Linguistics section was moved into the School to join existing member sections. Since September 2015, the School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics comprises French and Francophone Studies; German Studies; Italian Studies; Linguistics; Spanish & Portuguese Studies and Chinese Studies./slcl/t4media/UCD Newman Building.jpg/slcl/t4media/UCD Newman Building.jpg