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Italian is different. Of course, no country is like any other, and every language opens the doors to a different way of living and of seeing the world. Still, Italian is particularly distinctive. There are the obvious attractions of a country made beautiful by its nature, by its history, its culture, and its way of living. Most people think of Italy firstly in terms of its climate, art, food - but studying Italian at UCD is about more than that. Join the community of students and staff at Italian Studies in UCD, and you will meet a fascinating new world in the best possible way: on its own terms, by speaking its language.

The section of Italian studies at UCD gives you the opportunity to enter into direct contact with a rich and stimulating civilization at the heart of Europe. Language teaching is organized in small groups for the whole duration of the programme. After second year, a sizeable number of Italian students spend a year abroad in one of the Italian universities with which we have an Erasmus exchange. Our language modules enable students to experience first-hand various aspects of Italian civilization, with modules ranging over literature, cinema, language use and dialects, and more, from first year to MA level - and above! If a BA in Italian opens the doors to a wide variety of employment in all activities related to culture, international relations, and hospitality, a graduate degree in a language like Italian is particularly valuable given the strong demand for language graduates and the fact that Italy is the third-largest economy in the EU. This, however, is only one reason for the enduring popularity of Italian at UCD, with students consistently expressing enthusiastic views about their academic experience and about the community that makes it possible. Join us, and find out more – arrivederci!

Assoc Prof Ursula Fanning
Head of Italian

UCD Foundation for Italian Studies

The UCD Foundation for Italian Studies is the ‘Events and Publishing’ arm of the Italian Studies section of the School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics, University College Dublin.

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