Welcome to French and Francophone Studies in UCD.

French is at once a European and a global language, bound up with a host of literatures and cultures that span four of the five continents. Our Undergraduate programmes open up learning pathways to high levels of linguistic proficiency while embracing the rich cultural tapestry underpinned by the language and its development over the centuries. Literature, thought, cinema and criticism in French are but some of the focal points in a journey that can take you from France to the Caribbean, Canada, Africa or even Asia. Students benefit from our team of dedicated teachers who are also internationally recognized researchers intent on sharing their work and their expertise in the diverse range of modules on offer. Immersion in the living language and culture is strongly encouraged through the opportunities afforded by the ERASMUS exchange programme.  Excellent communication skills, an ability to move between different cultures and agility in critical thinking are just some of the attributes of our flexible graduates. For those considering the pursuit of advanced study and research work in French, our Graduate programmes afford a number of attractive options tailored to individual interests and aspirations.

Dr Stephen Schwartz
Head of French and Francophone Studies